Twitter publishes redesigned TweetDeck website. How to try it now!

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Twitter unveiled a redesigned version of its account management app TweetDeck after unveiling the concept of new features to improve privacy and user discoverability on the microblogging platform. The company recently announced that a preview of its redesigned TweetDeck website will be available to some users in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Twitter publishes redesigned TweetDeck website

According to official tweets, Twitter has released a new preview version of TweetDeck to a limited number of users.For the redesigned version “Extensions that incorporate more of what you see on” Check out the tweets attached just below.

A microblogging giant said in an interview with The Verge earlier this year that the company is aiming to overhaul TweetDeck. “From scratch.” Currently, the preview version adds some new features to Twitter.So Per Kaibon Bake Pool, Twitter product leads, new features include: Full Tweet Composer, new column types, new advanced search capabilities, And a new way to group columns (deck).

With these new features, Twitter aims to be a more comprehensive account management app for users. Beykpour through this first preview test using a randomly selected account To tell They are “Find a way [they] You can use TweetDeck to give people more customization and control. ” In addition, the development team “Please take these lessons into account [they] Find out later what TweetDeck looks like in the Twitter subscription offering. “

How to try TweetDeck’s redesign now

If you want to try out the new TweetDeck redesign right now, app reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong shares a simple browser tweak on Twitter that allows users to opt in to preview tests.

1. Open TweetDeck website In a browser on Windows and Mac computers.

2. Then right-click anywhere on the website and click[Inspect the elementFrom the context menu. “

Inspect element-tweetdeck preview

3. Then click Console in the Development Tools window.

tweetdeck-Open javascript console

4. Paste the following command – document.cookie = "tweetdeck_version=beta"Press Enter at the Javascript console.

tweetdeck preview command

4. Finally, refresh the website to see a preview of TweetDeck’s redesign.

5. If you want to return to your current design at any time, you can go back to the Javascript console and enter the following command – document.cookie = "tweetdeck_version="And when it’s done, you no longer have to use the new design.

There is currently no information about the global availability of the new TweetDeck version. According to Twitter, we’ll hear more about development in the next few days. If you get the preview version, let us know what you think in the comments below.