Twitter no longer enjoys liability protection in India, says the Delhi court

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After the Indian government enacted a new IT rule 2021 earlier this year, Twitter faces some serious legal issues in the country. Last month we saw reports of social media giants losing their position as India’s intermediary platform. Currently, Twitter has lost liability for user-created content in India, according to court filings.

For beginners, India’s social media platforms and internet services enjoy what is called “safe harbor” protection. This basically prevents the Government of India from retaining Internet services and social media platforms that are responsible for illegal activity and hate speech by users. This protection is used by companies such as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, Twitter will no longer have “safe harbor” protection. The company did not comply with the new IT regulations in India.. Under the above guidelines, social media companies (more than 5 million users) appoint chief compliance officers, resident complaints officers, and no-contact executives to address user issues on the platform. is needed.

Companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google are partially or fully compliant with the new guidelines by appointing the required executives, but Twitter is not compliant with any of the requirements. In addition, American social media giants are facing great criticism of “manipulated media” tweets that have exacerbated the situation between the government and Twitter.

“All social media platforms welcome doing business in India. They can be criticized by Ravi Shankar Prasad, my Prime Minister, or anyone. The problem is misuse of social media. Their Some say we are bound by American law. You work in India and make money, but take the position of complying with American law. This is clearly Not accepted. “ Indian IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said at the meeting.