Twitter can no longer display the latest tweets by default

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Twitter can no longer display the latest tweets by default

In a controversial move that has already been criticized by users, Twitter no longer allows users to see the latest tweets first by default. Twitter is Roll out a new update that defaults to your home timeline, which is mostly filled with suggested tweets.. However, users still have the option to browse the reverse timeline of the time series.

Twitter makes home feed the default

According to Twitter’s announcement tweet from the official support handle, Home using the algorithm is the default feed.The change is It is currently deployed on Twitter’s iOS app and will reach Android and the web. user soon.

If you want to see the latest tweets from people you follow, you need to pin the “Latest Tweets” feed as a separate tab on your home page. but, Users must swipe left from the “Home” feed each time to access the latest Tweet timeline... There is still no option to pin the latest tweet feed as the default tab.

In response to Twitter user queries, Twitter has confirmed that the home timeline is fixed by default. “By default, the home timeline is pinned first, but swiping home to the left gives you quick access to the latest timeline. Share your feedback and requests with your team.” reading Tweet.

Twitter’s decision to make “home” the default feed seems to be a move to drive engagement across the platform, rather than interacting with familiar people or those who choose to follow. In response to the backlash, Twitter says it is collecting feedback. However, it’s unclear if you can get the option to pin the latest timeline as the default tab.

So where is the status of this Twitter feed? Do you want to use Twitter’s home feed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.