Twitter begins testing for and against tweets buttons

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After copying Instagram Stories in a fleet and shutting it down last week, Twitter test Votes for and against tweets like Reddit. The test is currently published on Twitter’s iOS app for some users.

Twitter tests negative vote button

Unlike Reddit, the number of negative votes is not published on Twitter. At least it’s not published at this time. As a result, other Twitter users cannot see if you voted against a tweet or the total number of votes against a particular tweet. The Agree button, on the other hand, duplicates the current Like feature.

Twitter also makes it clear Voting does not change the order of replies You see in a tweet. At this point, you may be wondering about the relevance of this test.Well, according to the company, this is a testo “Understand the types of replies that may be relevant to your conversation and work on how to display more replies.” Even before Twitter announced the test, the disliked button was first discovered by Twitter user @ iglehart967.

“In this research experiment, the bad icon is a negative vote, letting you know that the reply doesn’t seem to be related to the conversation. We want to better understand the type of reply you make. I don’t think the conversation is relevant. “ I have written A company that responds to user inquiries.

The agree and disagree buttons aren’t the only tools Twitter is testing to improve the user experience.The company was also discovered test The reaction of Facebook-style tweets a few months ago. It’s interesting to see if Twitter has adopted the Facebook or Reddit method to address all the unpopular opinions and hate speech that’s prevalent on the platform.