Twitter Appoints India’s Resident Complaint Officer to Comply with New IT Rule 2021

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Twitter has finally appointed a resident complaints officer to protect its status as an intermediary platform, as required by India’s new IT rule 2021. The social media giant recently listed an individual named Vinay Prakash as an Indian complaints officer. We also publish a compliance report to comply with new domestic IT guidelines.

For beginners, India introduced a new IT rule 2021 in February to regulate social media companies. The guidelines came into effect in May, and on social media platforms with more than 5 million users, Chief Compliance Officers, Resident Complaints Officers, and so-called Node Liaison Officers to address and resolve issues for users on the ground. Had to appoint a person.

Companies such as Facebook and WhatsApp were fully or partially compliant with the guidelines, but Twitter was not. And because of this, the company faced serious legal problems in India. In fact, last week, a court in Delhi reportedly removed Twitter from its “safe harbor” protection list. This has revoked the platform’s liability protection that prevents Twitter from facing legal issues with user-generated content in India.

However, Twitter seems to have finally addressed government concerns by appointing a resident complaints officer. Twitter has now appointed Vinay Prakash as the Complaint Officer in India and has also provided contact details. Official support page..

In addition, the company share Detailed steps on how users can report their Twitter account directly from tweets, lists, or profiles. It also includes steps to report your account from Twitter Fleet, Twitter Spaces and report certain types of violations.It also has I shared a detailed report Regarding handling complaints from Indian users, as the new guidelines require.

Therefore, through these steps, Twitter aims to regain its position as an intermediary platform in India and prevent further legal issues. In addition, the ongoing dispute between Twitter and the Government of India, which microblogging companies highly desire, needs to be resolved.