Twitter abandons tabbed experience for its timeline after criticism

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Twitter recently published a new timeline change for iOS users. This locks the home timeline to the default top tweets and displays the latest tweets in a second tab. However, this change attracted negative user feedback, and as a result, Twitter rejected the idea of ​​a tabbed experience. Details are here.

Twitter no longer keeps the home timeline as the default

Twitter has suggested through recent tweets that it is paying attention to user feedback, [ホーム]With tabs[最新]Tabbed experiences with tabs have been removed.. The Twitter timeline has been reverted to the previous timeline, allowing users to see the latest tweets first.

In the current timeline, users can also: Switch to Home Options with Algorithm Tweets However, this is no longer the default setting.

This decision to go back to the previous timeline was made after users hated the new Twitter feed and were forced to show the top tweets instead of the chronological tweets from the followers. Here are some of Twitter’s reactions to this change:

For those who don’t know [ホーム]Tabs are now the default timeline option and are automatically pinned to the top..Users[最新]There was also an option to pin the tab, but this was not the default option. Instead, iOS users had to swipe left every time to see the latest tweets. This feature was supposed to reach Android and web users, but it’s not now.

Twitter has rolled back a new update, but has also revealed that it is further testing feed options. Until then, it’s a chronological feed. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about the “new options” on our Twitter timeline. Therefore, please look forward to it. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about the changes.