Trulins Detailed Login Process and Steps

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For those of you who don’t know, Trulincs is a paid system that inmates must pay to send or receive emails. 

It is not like those commercial sites which allow pen pals to send an email which is then printed and sent to an inmate. 

This service provides direct email access to federal inmates. 

So, in order to know about the process and everything, keep on reading this article. 

Here, you will find all the information that you need to know about. 

So, take a look at it – 


About Trulincs Inmate Email: 

The messages that will be exchanged between the inmates and the other person who they want to talk to, will be in a secure way. 

Communicating and maintaining ties would only help the inmates after they get released. 

Eventually, they will be released, so communicating with the public would only help them get comfortable into the community back again. 

Moreover, Inmates and their contacts must consent to monitor before using the system. 

Additionally, all posts are checked for content that could endanger the public or safety, or the proper functioning of the facility.


Who makes the payment? 

Taxpayer money is not used for this service. 

Funding is fully provided by the Inmate Trust Fund, which is funded by profits from inmate purchases. 

Purchases of drug trafficking proceeds, telephone services and taxes paid by inmates to use TRULINCS. 


What are the restrictions? 

These things Or basically everything comes with some restrictions for safety and one’s benefit. 

So, check out the restrictions given below that they have for the inmates – 

  1. Every inmate should be allowed to use the system. 
  2. Every person an inmate wishes to communicate with should give permission to do so. 
  3. They don’t have access or permission to TRULINICS or the internet. 
  4. The messages which inmates would be sharing would only consist of texts and nothing else. 
  5. Moreover, the limit of the messages stops at 13,000 characters. 


Contact Details: 

In order to know about the contact details, which is necessary, you need to check out the points given below. As these points are a way that could help you contact them. 

So, take a look at them – 


Washington, DC 20534 

  • Or you can dial this number – 

(202) 307-3198 


Mostly Asked Questions:


1- What do general email and special email represent in this case? 

A general email from the inmates can be opened by the staff and checked too for safety purposes. 

Whereas, a special email can only be seen in the presence of the particular inmate only as it is special. 


2- How do you transfer money to them? 

You can either send it via online mode with the help of MoneyGram Or Western Union or via mail. 


3- Is there also an option for a call or just email is the only option for communication? 

Yes, there is an option for the call as well other than email. The calls are also monitored for the safety of course. 



We have tried making all the things about inmate email, etc as clear as possible to you. We hope that by this article, you got what you were looking for as we have added all the necessary information. 

Along with the information, there are necessary attachments added too like links, screenshots, etc. 

So, we hope that you liked this article and found it helpful to the best of your needs.