Trivia Quest is Netflix’s upcoming interactive series. Released on April 1st

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netflix Trivia Quest Interactive Series Announced

After releasing the unique and interactive Black Mirror: Banders Snatch movie in 2018, Netflix is ​​expanding its offering of interactive content in its digital streaming library. Last month, the OTT giant released a quiz-based trivia quiz-style show named Cat Burglar. And now Netflix has announced the release of Trivia Quest. This is a similar quiz-based series with interactive elements that expands the game initiative. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Netflix Trivia Quest Announced

Netflix announces upcoming interactive series Trivia Quest will be released on April 1st.. Well, before doubt, Netflix’s comedy series and interactive programming VP Andy Weil confirmed that it wasn’t an April Fool’s prank, the show lasted throughout April, and new episodes aired daily. .. Therefore, there are 30 episodes in the series.

Come to the true story of the trivia quest, Viewers follow Willy, the anime character and hero To help him free the citizens of Trivialand from grasping the knowledge-hungry villain named the evil Rocky of the show. The series also features exclusive animations inspired by Netflix favorites every time the public is released.

Along the way, the viewer needs to answer the multiple-choice questions that appear on the screen correctly to continue the story.

For each episode of Trivia Quest Of the 24 questions, 12 will be easy and the other 12 will be difficult... The question categories include entertainment, arts, geography, history, sports, and science. The interactive elements of the show are based on Etermax’s Trivia Crack mobile game, which Netflix reportedly recently licensed. Check out the official trailer for Trivia Quest below.

While playing a series of games, viewers can also replay the quiz to collect points and answer previously incorrectly answered questions correctly. In addition, Weil writes about each quiz as follows: “Characterized by a decisive ending” Continue to entertain the viewer.

Trivia Quest Will be able to stream via the Netflix app on Android, iOS and the web, Game consoles, supported smart TVs, set-top boxes. A complete list of devices supported by Trivia Quest (and other interactive series) can be found here. So what do you think of the trivia quest? Would you like to see it on sale on April 1st? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.