ThopTv Apk: Download ThopTv Apk V 18.0

Thoptv APK is an excellent all in one sort of app. Yes, you get all the content and material like TV shows, movies, and even live television streams in one single mobile application. Today, we’ll be talking about this all-in-one application which will help you in getting all the elite TV experience in your hands. So, wait and see the features, and how to download Thoptv APK along with its installation process.But, this application is not available for download on the popular Android platform, the Play Store. So, let’s dive in to see from where can you download Thoptv APK.   

Download Thoptv Apk

Thoptv APK is a third-party application. Android devices often tend to avoid installation of such applications. And it is because of the safety reasons that you won’t find it on the Play Store.  So, where will you download the APK then? You must take notice that downloading from an untrusted source can be dangerous as they possess threats of malware. Here, we have provided you the simple and safe link from where you can download the Thoptv APK for free:–
App NameThopTv Apk
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 or Above
CategoryTv, Movies, Entertainment
User Review4.4 out of 5 Stars
Current VersionV18.0

   Download ThopTv Apk V18.0

Thoptv Apk Features 

Given following are some of the highly notable features of Thoptv APK. Before using the app, you must have a look at these to get a good idea about Thoptv APK – 
  1. You can watch live TV on your mobile phone on the move without any worries. 
  2. Along with live TV, there is a huge stock of movies available for you to watch. 
  3. A very unique feature that it has is the Chat feature. You can chat and discuss with other users of the app, other movie lovers like you. 
  4. You get a notification every time there is any update of a new TV episode, or movie release, or addition of a new channel. 
  5. If you like a show or movie a lot, you can add it to your personal list to watch it later. 
  6. It is compatible with the Android version 5.0 and above. 
  7. And last but not least, using the app is absolutely free. 

How to Install Thoptv APK on Android

As mentioned above, Android devices cause problems while installing third-party apps due to security reasons. Since Thoptv APK is also a third-party application, you will face similar issues, but don’t worry. Following is the comprehensive step-by-step approach is given for you to successfully install Thoptv APK on Android. 
  1. First of all, you must download the Thoptv APK from the link provided above. 
  2. Now, you must enable Unknown Sources on your device. 
  3. For this, go to Settings and then, click on Security
  4. Once in the Security option, find Unknown Sources. Click on the tab. There will be a warning message regarding the risks of Unknown Sources, click OK to proceed.
  5. Once you have enables Unknown Sources,, go to Downloads and find Thoptv APK.  
  6. Click on the Apk and then tap Install to begin the installation process.
  7. Once the installation is complete, you will see a confirmation page stating the same. Launch the Apk to enjoy the very best TV, movie and live TV experience. 
So, here you have it all regarding the Thoptv APK. It is one of the best applications in its line. If you also love to watch the live TV, and movies and all the other exciting online content, then this is the application to turn to. Download Thoptv APK and get started. If you face any issues while installing the apk, follow the steps provided above.