This YouTuber has sent an AirTag to Tim Cook.I got a letter from Apple

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After Apple launched the nifty Bluetooth-based tracking device AirTag, we’ve seen users experimenting to test its tracking capabilities. Similarly, YouTuber recently set out to test the tracker’s overseas tracking capabilities, sending three AirTags to different locations. In it, the man sent an AirTag to Apple CEO Tim Cook himself, who received an official letter from the Cupertino giant.

The follow-up experiment was conducted by a German YouTuber called MegaLag. Back in June, man Sent 3 AirTag devices around the world Via shipping company. He sent one to the German Embassy in North Korea, one to SpaceX headquarters in Elon Musk, and a third to Tim Cook in Apple Park, San Francisco, California.

MegaLag says it wants to test whether a device can be tracked through Apple’s FindMy network if it’s lost abroad after Apple releases AirTag. He initially planned to send an AirTag to a friend who lives in the United States. However, he later came up with the idea of ​​sending three AirTags to their respective locations.

Now, the AirTag he sent to Elon Musk at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, arrived safely at his destination, but was stored in the facility for some time before being dumped. Meanwhile, what Mega Lag sent to Tim Cook has surprisingly returned to him.Along with that, the man Received a letter from one of Tim Cook’s assistants, Praised his original experiment.

This YouTuber has sent AirTags to Tim Cook from half of the world
Image courtesy of MegaLag (YouTube)

“Thank you for sharing with us about the Apple AirTags project. We’re happy to hear about your creative use of AirTag and how AirTag can improve your life.” Read the letter.

“As you can imagine, Cook receives hundreds of letters each month from customers like you. Unfortunately, he can’t meet all the demands, but AirTag is a unique journey around the world. I’m back from, so I hope you continue to enjoy it. “ I added more.

It’s important to mention here that MegaLag used DHL to send all three AirTag parcels to the destination. So he turned on SMS / email notifications for all parcels to compare tracking.Now, on the other hand, he was receiving Constant updates from AirTags in his Find My app, And on the other hand, DHL was sending him an AirTag tracking notice. Surprisingly, DHL could ruin tracking notifications while AirTags was delivering the right place to him.

If you’re wondering what happened to the AirTag that MegaLag sent to North Korea, well, it got stuck at Frankfurt Airport for some reason and stayed there when the other two arrived at their destination. ..

YouTuber recorded his experience with two videos on his channel. You can check the first part just below.