This smart skipping rope uses the app to track your workouts in real time

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As the coronavirus pandemic is finally slowing around the world, various countries have lifted the blockade protocol, allowing people to go out again. So if you think you’ve gained weight during the pandemic and need to get a little better, I have the right tool for you. Fitness startup Hygear recently announced a smart skipping rope called Hyrope that allows users to track their jumps in real time. Yes, jumping rope has become smarter!

High Rope-Smart Skipping Rope

The smart rope will be paired with the company’s official app using Bluetooth. When Hyrope is connected to the app, you can track not only your jump count, but also your jump speed and calories burned in real time. The app can also use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create fitness goals based on user performance.

High rope smart skipping rope

Exercise at home has become quite significant these days. So the company believes it has introduced Hyrope. Skipping rope “Excellent aerobic exercise that can be performed in a limited space.” Therefore, this smart skipping rope can be a good start for testing your stamina without puncturing your pockets.

However, if you already own a fitness-focused smartwatch with a skipping rope as one of the activity modes, this tool is an ideal choice as you can track everything using a traditional skipping rope. It may not be. Nevertheless, if you are a skipping rope sucker, this may be a decent addition to your collection.

Price and stock status

Hyrope Smart Skipping Rope is now available for pre-sale on the company’s official website for $ 39. It comes with a Hygear app membership all year round. The company has also launched a 90-day weight loss program accessible through the app. In addition, we plan to roll out 45-day and 60-day programs in the near future.