This site allows you to calculate your digital carbon footprint from a social media app

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Carbon footprint calculator for social media apps

Did you know that scrolling social media for long periods of time contributes to increased carbon emissions in the environment? And have you ever wondered about your personal carbon dioxide emissions? A UK-based website can help you understand this. Here’s how to calculate your digital carbon footprint:

UK-based comparison website, Introduced a new calculator that allows you to compare markets and calculate your carbon Footprint From social media apps. This way you can see how much carbon dioxide is emitted when scrolling through social media apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and more.

Visit the Compare the Market website to see the top social media platforms that emit the most carbon dioxide. According to the website, the top three platforms with the highest carbon dioxide emissions are: TikTok (2.63g CO2 Eq / min), Reddit (2.48g CO2 EQ / min), Pinterest (1.3g CO2 Eq / min)..

Scroll down a bit to see a section where you can calculate your daily and yearly digital carbon footprint. Here, enter the approximate time (in minutes) you spend each day on the social media platform.[計算]Just press a button.

Calculator for checking carbon footprint from social media apps

At the start, the website Providing a personal digital carbon footprint report.. This includes the daily and annual carbon footprint (equivalent to CO2g) for each platform used and the cumulative number representing the total daily and annual carbon footprint.

Calculator for checking carbon footprint from social media apps

Speaking of calculation methodologies, the Compare the Market website states that it gets the average carbon emissions for each platform of Greenspector as measured by the Galaxy S7 device. This is followed by multiplying the platform’s average carbon emissions by the approximate usage period to calculate daily carbon emissions. To achieve your annual carbon emissions, it will multiply your daily carbon emissions 365 times.

If you also want to calculate carbon dioxide emissions on social media, visit the Compare the Market website to see how much they are contributing to the deterioration of the environment. Please tell us your score and your thoughts in the comments below.