This pilot’s iPhone X survived an 11,500-foot drop and came out undamaged.

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David, a pilot at the Diamond Aviation Club, dropped the iPhone X while he was constantly trying to click on a photo of improvised cloud formation during an ongoing flight. The iPhone miraculously survived a fall of about 11,500 feet without any damage. So David joined the Diamond Aviation forum to share this amazing story.

David was crossing farmland about 50 miles north of Memphis when he noticed an interesting cloud formation. David has previously taken hundreds of photos from the same side window that can be opened during the flight. He was also familiar with the fact that holding a 175 mph slipstream very close could inhale objects.

Unfortunately, this time, as soon as I pushed my cell phone out to take a picture, I bumped into a small air pocket of turbulence and got too close to the passenger seat window with my right hand open, causing an accident. The iPhone X was “Gone with the Wind”.

It was definitely a shame, but David comforted himself with the fact that it was a phone four years ago and he had to invest in a 5G phone anyway.

He was so positive that the iPhone couldn’t survive the fall, so he decided to remove the iPhone X from his Apple account.He is[設定]When you are on the menu[探す]When I clicked on the option, to my surprise, the lost iPhone X showed the location of the map near Bryce Arkansas, where the last transmission was made at 9:39 pm on the same day of the accident.

David decides to return to that location and carry out this rescue mission. After flying to the nearest terminal, he drove another 30 miles to arrive nearby. He was convinced he would die by the time the phone arrived there, but he still tried to use the sound playback feature of the Find My app, but unfortunately that effort was in vain.

Now, the only way to find the way to his phone was to manually search and find it. This was difficult because the area was covered with crops, soybeans, and miles of paddy fields. David and Dean, his friend who accompanied him on the mission, began kicking soybean crops at the base.

After an hour of searching, when he almost lost hope, David suddenly found a shiny surface on the back of black glass. To his surprise, the screen was perfect. David and Dean returned to the car and unplugged the lightning cable to see if it turned on. David says he was lucky because the phone fell near the cell tower in the countryside of Arkansas. Otherwise, even if the phone survives, it will be nearly impossible to find the device.

So what really saved the phone? Now, David was investing in the Otterbox Defender Series case in 2018, but the company recently replaced it because the holster tab broke. Well, obviously, Apple deserves praise here for making a great quality product, and I personally confirm that the iPhone X is a pretty powerful device despite its glass back. can do.

However, the new Otterbox case steals the show here. As you may know, Otterbox is a reputed accessory brand known for its sturdy cases. And in this case, the protective Defender Series case was definitely tested to pass the flight (literally!) Color.