This nifty dongle allows you to connect your AirPods to your Nintendo Switch

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Bluetooth is supported on the Nintendo Switch console, but portable handheld game consoles allow users to pair only compatible game controllers using wireless pairing technology. However, if you want to connect wireless headphones or TWS earphones to the switch, you know that Nintendo didn’t support connecting such audio accessories. So today I got just the right one that allows you to connect your favorite wireless headphones or TWS earphones to your switch console.

Audio Stick Adapter for Nintendo Switch

Developed by an accessory company called Skull and Co., this nifty adapter, called the Audio Stick, allows you to connect a variety of wireless earphones, including those made by AirPods and Sony, to the Nintendo Switch console.It supports Bluetooth 5.0 Thanks to Qualcomm’s Bluetooth chipset, it connects to the switch’s USB-C port.

With this nifty Bluetooth 5.0 dongle, you can connect your AirPods to your Nintendo Switch.

The AudioStick dongle doesn’t have a display that provides visuals for pairing wireless earphones. Instead, the adapter comes with two physical buttons and a pair of LEDs to help connect the audio accessory to the switch. It supports a variety of audio codecs, including the SBC / LDAC codec for Sony headphones and the AAC codec for Apple’s AirPods. Therefore, the sound quality depends on the codec you are using and the wireless audio accessory.

With this nifty Bluetooth 5.0 dongle, you can connect your AirPods to your Nintendo Switch.

However, keep in mind that the AudioStick adapter is optimized for Apple’s AirPods. Therefore, using a dongle to connect your AirPods to the switch can improve sound quality and reduce latency.

In addition, the Audio Stick has a cleaner design than other dongles, so it fits snugly when connected to a Switch console. In addition, thanks to the three spacers included, the adapter can be connected to both Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite models with or without a protective case. Alternatively, you can use the dongle to connect your wireless earphones to your PS4, PS5, and other devices.

Price and stock status

Now, when it comes to adapter price and availability, the Audio Stick costs only $ 30 (~ Rs 2,230). It can be purchased on the global Amazon website. Unfortunately, it will not be shipped to India. The company offers Audio Stick dongles in regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom.