This Mac menu bar app removes all formats before pasting text!

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Pure paste macos app

When Larry Tesler invented the copy-paste feature for computers, it wasn’t as modern as it is today. Now, when you copy and paste something from the source, most computers tend to paste the entire text in all rich text formats, such as italics and bold. It’s annoying if you just want to paste clean text without formatting. This is where PurePaste comes in. This is a macOS menu bar app that automatically removes all formats from your text before pasting it into a text field.

Pure paste of macOS is now available

Pure Paste is a free nifty app for macOS designed to run in the background. Automatically removes all formatting from the copied text.. This allows users to clean-paste text each time without the need for special keyboard shortcuts or other ways to remove rich text format.

The application is in the menu bar of macOS devices, and copying text from the source automatically removes all formats from the text. You can also enable the option to remove text formatting only when promptedIf manual control is required.

Pure paste on macOS

It’s worth mentioning here that there are several ways to clean paste text that doesn’t require the PurePaste app. for example, Command-Shift-Option-V keyboard shortcuts are available Instead of the usual Command + V option to clean paste the text. However, in an application like Pure Paste, it’s very easy because you don’t have to practice with four fingers every time you remove a format from a text.

When it comes to security, Pure Paste has access to the clipboard because of its features, but the developers say: The application does not collect or store data.. Also, Ignore the text copied from the password manager and I cannot connect to the Internet.

Therefore, if you are a Mac user and have frequent formatting issues while copying and pasting text, check out PurePaste on the App Store (free). Also, if you’re looking for a similar app for your Windows 10/11 device, check out the PureText app in the Microsoft Store (free). In the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on this format-free text pasting app.