This is the first view of the WhatsApp message reaction

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The first look of a WhatsApp message reaction

Last week it was discovered that WhatsApp was working on the reaction of the message.However, at the time of the story WABetaInfo I first discovered this feature, but it wasn’t published yet and I couldn’t see the initial preview. It’s no longer the case. WABetaInfo Now you can actually use the features of WhatsApp for iOS. The report also includes tips on how message reactions work in WhatsApp.

See the reaction of WhatsApp messages first

Interestingly, at this stage of development, you can: Respond to messages using multiple emojis..So that you can see in the images you share WABetaInfoThere are a total of 7 reactions in a single message in a chat with a business account. However, it’s very likely that WhatsApp will limit the number of responses from one person in a message to one, similar to the response of Facebook and Instagram messages.

again, Choose from the supported emojis provided by WhatsApp.. In this way, you can easily express your feelings, unlike Twitter, which has limited emoji reaction options and can’t even respond angry to messages.

It’s also worth mentioning Message reaction is not anonymous.. Everyone in the chat can see who responded to the message and the emoji you responded to. Therefore, if you plan to respond to serious group chat messages, you need to be careful.

Looking at Facebook’s implementation of message response on Instagram, it’s safe to assume that long-pressing a message will show an emoji response in the panel. At the time of this writing, the WhatsApp message reaction feature does not work on Android or iOS apps, even in beta builds. It is expected to change in the coming months as WhatsApp is ready to deploy message reactions.

Featured image courtesy of WABetaInfo