This is the first look of Samsung’s One UI Watch Skin based on Wear OS

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Samsung is considering removing Tizen OS from the Galaxy Watch lineup and switching to Google’s Wear OS. Earlier this month there was a report about the same thing, which was confirmed. This is the first look of Samsung’s upcoming Wear OS-based “One UI Watch” skin for the Galaxy Watch model.

Samsung One UI Watch Announced

The Korean giant was called “One UI Watch” and introduced some of the skin features and UI updates at MWC 2021. This is primarily shown to developers and gives them a glimpse into the company’s new Wear OS-based experience. Galaxy Watch 4 will be available later this year.

Samsung shared three short videos showing some of the key features and UI elements of the upcoming One UI Watch skin. You can check out the video along with the relevant information below.

Now, in the first video (attached below), Samsung will showcase improved communication between smartwatches and smartphones. For example, if you install an app on your smartphone that is also available on your smartwatch, the app will be automatically installed on your watch.

Clock settings, alarms, and the ability to block calls and text are also synced between the two devices. In addition, you can see an overhauled app drawer similar to Apple’s watchOS app drawer and a redesigned settings page for Samsung’s mobile device settings page.

In the second video, Samsung boasts that several Google apps such as Google Maps, Messages, and YouTube Music have been added to the Galaxy Watch. In addition, One UI Watch’s YouTube Music app shows that it supports offline playback so that you can see the “offline mixtape” mention in the video. Other apps that Samsung displays include Bitmoji, MyFitnessPal, Spotify, and Calm.

In conclusion, the third video shows a future tool for developers that will allow them to create their own watch face for the Galaxy Watch model. This allows you to add a variety of complexity to create a feature-packed watch face for Galaxy Watch users. It will be available to developers later this year.

Therefore, these were some of the key features and visuals of the upcoming One UI Watch skins.Samsung confirmed it The upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 Series will be the first smartwatch to run future firmware You can use it immediately.It is said that it will be released someday “This summer”..