This hilarious parody website shows the daily struggle of Internet users

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As a writer, I have to browse hundreds of websites every day looking for the latest and greatest news in the tech world. But in today’s digital world, full of promotions and online ads, most websites spend half their time closing unwanted ads, rejecting notification alerts, and avoiding newsletter subscriptions. I am. So, to capture the experience of everyone surfing the Internet in today’s world, Beijing-based developer Guangyi Li created a parody website.

Called “How I Experience Web Today,” this website is essentially a malfunctioning website that guides web surfers on their daily journey. Pop-up ads, permission to serve notification prompts, “I’m using Adblocker” prompts, etc. indicate the exact things you might encounter when trying to load an article online.

Well, if you’re an internet regular, you’ll know how annoying these things can be when trying to load articles such as your favorite movies and TV shows. When I open the website, the UI on the Google search results page is almost blank, the text field shows the phrase “I searched for something”, and the search results page has a link that says “Something is displayed”. It shows.

This hilarious parody website shows the daily struggle of online leaders

Clicking the only link on the web page takes you to a parody web page where cookie settings prompts, ads, notification alerts, and newsletter subscription alerts pop up from anywhere. Below all of them, the web page shows the actual “article you want to read”. You can find out how to disable annoying ads in Chrome in the linked article. You can also disable notification pop-ups in Chrome and stop Google FLoC from tracking online activity.

This hilarious parody website shows the daily struggle of online leaders

It will also be displayed when you leave the tab Another pop-up message that cheerfully encourages you to leave your email Due to some extra annoyance. Also, if you scroll a little, another notification of the same type will pop up prompting you to send your email address.

Well, for those who wonder, these pop-up messages, static and video ads, and notification prompts are all part of the joke and lead to nothing. Developers just wanted to showcase the everyday hustle and bustle that online readers have to experience to read singles on their favorite topics.

But if you come to our website to read the article, you are confident that you will not be hit by this kind of pop-up message. So if you want to read about what’s happening in the tech world, you need to go to Beebom right away. On the contrary, if you want to experience the same hustle and bustle as an online web surfer, we recommend checking out the parody website now. Also, share your interesting and bizarre online experience with us in the comments below.