This flaw can permanently destroy the Wi-Fi on your iPhone.Here’s what you need to know

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Today, iPhone users around the world are facing serious Wi-Fi issues on their devices.It seems that a specific public Wi-Fi name can be permanent Disable Wi-Fi on iPhone function.Network flaws can affect all iPhone models, basically[設定]The Wi-Fi switch in the menu is grayed out to prevent users from turning Wi-Fi on / off on the iPhone.

This Wi-Fi name completely disables the Wi-Fi feature on your iPhone

Reverse app engineer Carl Schou discovered a bug and recently visited Twitter. According to Schou, you can permanently disable the Wi-Fi feature on your iPhone by hosting a public Wi-Fi network named “% secretclub% power”. Check out the tweets attached just below.

Well, I didn’t notice that last month Schou had a similar Wi-Fi bug that disabled the iPhone’s Wi-Fi feature when connecting to a network named “% p% s% s% s% s% n”. I found. At that point, resetting the device’s network settings fixed the issue.

However, with the current flaw, resetting the network settings doesn’t seem to fix the problem. This makes current Wi-Fi flaws much more dangerous than previous flaws.


In his tweet (attached above), Schou asked Twitteratis for a solution.Correspondingly, another reverse app engineer named Alex Skalozub Came up with one.. He says bugs can be undone by a tedious repackaging process.

To do this, back up the affected iPhone, manually remove the information related to the buggy Wi-Fi name from, repack it and finally You need to restore your device.

Some users have said that restoring the affected device using iTunes can also help fix the flaw. However, the above process will result in data loss. Therefore, be sure to back up your device before starting the workaround.

You can also refer to Apple’s official support guide to restore your iPhone using iTunes. Also, if you lose data in the process, you can use the data recovery tool to get it back.

Featured image: Carl Schou (Twitter /@vm_call)