This Chrome extension allows you to leave sticky notes on your website

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If you are a web designer, you may have encountered a design flaw on your website and wanted to communicate it to your development team. However, in most cases, there are no easy-to-use tools or features for reporting visual bugs or design changes to developers. Citing this issue, the Berlin developer created Jam. This is a tool that can provide live feedback by leaving a sticky note on your website or web page.

Leave a note on a website with this Chrome extension

Jam on Chrome is a Chrome extension that you can use to start reporting bugs and give your team immediate feedback. It allows users to leave useful comments or design suggestions / changes on their website. While commenting, the app automatically captures screenshots, logs, and browser information related to the bug. In addition, users can annotate website visual bugs and design flaws on the page.

This Chrome extension allows designers to comment on design bugs on their website

So you can add Jam to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store and start “jamming” with your team. Once open, you can create a team and invite other developers from the team. This will be followed by the ability to leave comments, annotate parts of the website, and refresh the site from the page itself.

In this way, you can communicate with your team faster than traditional methods. In addition, it has built-in support for various workplace apps such as Slack, Jira, Linear, and GitHub.

Developer Dani Grant states that he created Jam to improve the website and eliminate constant interaction between developers. “We were all looking at the website, but there were no built-in comments on the web. We relied on all these crazy solutions, such as pasting screenshots into spreadsheets to track feedback. “ Grant says.

After working for a while on the team, he came up with Jam to improve communication with developers and designers within the team.

So if you’re a developer working in a team, you should get Jam in Chrome right away. First of all, it’s a free extension for Chrome users, and secondly, it’s a great tool to reduce the traffic between designers and engineers.