This AI tool can let your ancestors tell their life stories

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Life story AI tool

AI-generated content isn’t entirely reliable, but there’s no doubt that this technology is widely used in some sectors, especially in the development of image enhancement tools. Today, a genealogy platform called MyHeritage has debuted a new AI tool. This allows users to create realistic animated videos from their ancestor photos to tell a life story.

Introduced MyHeritage LiveStory AI tool

An AI-based Live Story tool has recently been added to MyHeritage’s official platform, allowing users to upload portrait images of their ancestors and create life story videos that tell their ancestors the story of their life. It sounds creepy, but the LiveStory tool can give your ancestral story a personalized touch.

First, upload the image of your ancestor to the LiveStory tool, then follow the on-screen instructions to create the video. Watch a sample video created using the tools attached just below.

How does it work?

Live Story tool Use deep learning model, Developed by an AI-based company named D-ID licensed to MyHeritage.Adds realistic animations to your images that are perfectly synchronized with the generated audio To make your ancestors look like they’re talking with their mouth..

New users will need to include additional details or images to create a full-fledged documentary-style video like the one above. However, if you have a MyHeritage account and used the platform to create a family tree, LiveStory uses existing information to create videos with significantly reduced clicks.. In addition, if you have a $ 299 / year MyHeritage subscription, you can use this tool to create unlimited Live Story videos.

The video you create will be yours. Check out the legendary Abraham Lincoln video I created below. You can also edit it after creating the Live Story.

However, because of the potential for abuse, MyHeritage requires users to use the tool only for their family photos without permission and not for others. So what do you think of the AI-based LiveStory tool? Check it out here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.