There is no OS-less phone (1) that will be released in the summer of 2022.Check curl pay

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Phones will not be available in the summer of 2022

As expected, none of the long-awaited “Truth” virtual events confirmed the existence of the first smartphone. As a result of the lack of brainstorming sessions, Carl Pei-owned companies call it Nothing Phone (1), much like Ear (1). Carl Pei also revealed some details about Nothing’s first smartphone. So keep reading all the details we know so far.

What to expect from an empty phone (1)

The No phone (1) with Snapdragon chipset (Currently unknown) As part of a collaboration with Qualcomm. This is what we all knew before.

What is not known is the fact that Nothing phone (1) is made No OS skin On Android. It has been confirmed to provide a clean experience. Include 40% less pre-installed apps It is said to be fast. The OS experience is not intended to mimic the pure Android experience that OxygenOS was able to successfully deliver, at least prior to integration with Oppo and sharing of the codebase with ColorOS.

OS has not announced anything

There is nothing in the official blog post that describes the first call.Is designed to provide a fast, smooth and personal experience.A consistent interface, the hardware integrates seamlessly with the software via custom fonts and colors.Graphic element, And sound.“”

It is also expected to provide seamless connectivity between multiple Nothing products and third-party products such as Apple AirPods. father, Nothing Phone (1) Get 3 Years Software Update And a 4-year security patch. The company aims to preview a running Nothing OS by releasing a standalone app launcher that will be released in April. We will continue to post that to you.

Other than that, smartphones follow the design footprint of Nothing ear (1), so you can expect a similar transparent design. Nothing like a blueprint for a device that looks like a mouse is on display! Let us know what you get first in your head when you see it. Look at Nothing Phone (1) Teaser here:

Phone 1 hasn't announced anything

From what we can know, it suggests the placement of hardware components such as cameras and wireless charging coils. It hopes to support Apple’s MagSafe technology in the name of an open ecosystem that doesn’t want to build anything comparable to Apple’s closed gardens. At the stage of the event, Carl Pei claimed that his company, Nothing, was under construction. An open ecosystem to challenge Apple and its closed ecosystem In contrast to other Android peers.

Finally, nothing has revealed that the second product, the first smartphone, will be available this summer. As the device is official, details of Nothing phone (1) will be released. We will keep you informed about these details. So stay tuned.