There is a real world riddle from Riddler for Batman fans

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There is a real-world Easter egg from Riddler for Batman fans to hint at in the sequel!

As a reward for Batman fans, Robert Pattinson’s starler movie “Batman” was released on March 4, with Edward “Riddler” Nigma as the main enemy. Therefore, this movie takes Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, on a mystery-solving adventure as Riddler throws some of the most thought-provoking mysteries and codes for the biggest detective in the DC Universe in the latest movie. to go. But not all riddles were for Batman.There is A real-world Easter Egg Mystery for all Batman geeks suggesting the possibility of a movie sequel.. Read together to access the riddle and find out how to solve it.

Well, if you have already watched the movie, you are welcome to continue reading this story.But for those who haven’t seen the movie yet This contains the main spoilers of the movie, so it’s a good idea to click now..

Batman Easter Egg Riddle: More

If you saw Batman in the theater after its release, you probably know about the “elrata alada” reference decoded by Batman’s trusted butler Alfred from the code left by the movie Riddler. Batman didn’t understand the riddle at first, but later found out that it was a URL hint, thanks to the Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot.

Therefore, for a real Easter egg, The manufacturer has created a real “rataalada” website to hide new riddles For Batman fans around the world. This is similar to the real PiedPiper website in Silicon Valley, a fictional web series.

What is

Currently, is a special website designed to reflect the theme of the movie Riddler. Provides a cipher that can be decoded using the Riddler key, which is a customized alphabet for decoding ciphers.Easy access to Enter the website address in the URL bar of your browser Or click here.

When you visit the website, you Welcomed by the green question mark logo of Riddler’s signature, The screen flashes. After a few seconds, the website will automatically start generating some random codes and numbers related to the comic version of Batman (more on this later).

A real-world Easter egg from Riddler's hints in the sequel to Batman!

When the first process is complete, you will see a new screen (screenshot above). “Click for Reward” button and loading sign are stuck at a certain rate.. Clicking the specified button will open a new image (attached below) in another tab of your browser. This is a riddle that needs to be decoded.

A real-world Easter egg from Riddler's hints in the sequel to Batman!

How to decode the cipher?

Now, if you’re a hardcore Batman fan, I’m sure you’ll be dying to decipher the riddles and read the hidden messages.But before you do anything, you I need the key that Riddler followed to turn his message into a cipher..

Fortunately, Twitter user Garbage Central has provided an accurate translation of Riddler’s keys to help decode the message. You can check the image from Twitterati below.

Therefore, you can use this key to easily decode the message in the above image on your website. And if you don’t want to do that, read along to find out what the message says.

What does Riddler’s Easter egg message say?

Decoding the cipher using the above key will display a message that clearly suggests a sequel to the recently released movie. The decoded message, from Riddler’s point of view, states: “You think I’m done. But maybe you don’t know the complete truth. Every end is a new beginning. Something is coming.”

If this isn’t a hint for Batman’s next iteration, I don’t know what it is.In addition, towards the end of the movie we saw Riddler living in Arkham Asylum’s cell right next to the prison cell … Wait … The Joker! Well, you can expect Matt Reeves to come up with a sequel to Batman. It takes the Riddler-Joker pair as an adversary.

In addition, do you remember the random Batman code and number generated on the rataalada website?Now, if you look closely at the numbers next to each line of code, they are Number of issues with some specific Batman comicsBatman, The Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguins and more.

A real-world Easter egg from Riddler's hints in the sequel to Batman!

So what do you think of Batman’s comprehensive real-world Easter egg? Did you break the code yourself? Please let us know in the comments below.