The Xbox Series S update is reported to take place in 2022

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Microsoft Releases Launch List of Optimized Xbox Series X and Series S Games

Last September, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S and Series X. If there’s a new leak from Moore’s Law on the YouTube channel, the Redmond Giant May release updated version of Xbox Series S in late 2022..

Xbox Series S | X Refresh Leak

According to the report, Microsoft plans to update at least one console in late 2022. Of the Xbox Series S and X, Series S is reported to have the highest priority. It may compete with something like the rumored PS5 Slim. In addition, Microsoft is said to be working on updating the Xbox Series X with an estimated timeline after 2023.

As part of the update you can expect New AMD APU manufactured on a 6nm process For series S. This move could help companies take advantage of more compute units.

Interestingly, Microsoft doesn’t seem to discontinue the current Xbox Series S and X. Instead, the company is reportedly planning to lower the price of consoles. According to Moore’s Law Is Dead channel, this is because Microsoft is betting on the sale of the Game Pass to cover the cost.

In addition, future Series S prices could be around $ 350.Also, the company Reduce current Xbox Series S and X console prices to $ 189 and $ 249, respectively.. Microsoft is currently selling the Xbox Series S and Series X in India for rupees. 34,999 rupees and 49,999 rupees respectively. If this rumor is reflected in reality, we can expect the price of Xbox consoles in India to fall.