The world’s first “molecular beverage printer” to make customized drinks

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Introduced Kanawan Molecular Drink Printer

Beverage-focused technology company Cana has devised the device it’s proud of. the The world’s first “molecular beverage printer”. With the push of a button, you can mix and distribute a wide variety of beverages, from fruit juices to cocktails. The device CanaOne can be placed on the kitchen countertop to eliminate the need for packaged drinks. This is all.

Cana One: World’s First Molecular Beverage Printer

Cana One uses one cartridge of flavor to create over 10,000 customized beverages such as sports drinks, coffee, tea, wine and cocktails. Users can choose the level of alcohol, caffeine and sugar to make the perfect drink for me. According to Kana, drinks are made with 90% water and only 10% flavors, sugar and alcohol. It has also been shown that alcohol and caffeine levels can be placed behind the PIN to prevent overuse.

When the material cartridge runs out, the company will automatically replace it at no additional cost. The device also requires a CO2 cylinder and a sugar and spirit cartridge. These cartridges will also be replaced automatically.You need to Pay for each drink.. Prices range from 29 cents (~ Rs 22) to $ 3 (~ Rs 229).

In addition, the company has partnered with various beverage brands to create unique beverage varieties.

How does this work?

It was revealed that a team of scientists and researchers had developed the technology to power the CanaOne device for three years.They say researchers We have created a series of ingredients that can deliver a variety of drinks by separating the trace compounds behind flavors and aromas. Use the same machine.

Kanawan customized drink

The company also states that the CanaOne Beverage Dispenser uses its own beverage dispenser. “Microfluidic Liquid Dispensing Technology” Mix the drinks you ordered.In addition, according to Cana, the device Significantly reduce waste and emissions from bottled or canned drinks It can be even more cost effective in the market.

For the price of the machine, Kana says it The first 10,000 units of Cana One will be sold for $ 499 (~ Rs 38,140). The initial refundable booking price is $ 99 (~ Rs 7,564). The following things, The price will rise to $ 799 (~ Rs 61,050).. The company aims to begin shipping orders from early 2023. You can book CanaOne from the company’s official website.

This looks like an interesting product, but it’s still unclear how feasible this is and whether it’s an easy replacement for the drinks available on the market. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!