The Reliance Jio Emergency Data Loan provides 1GB of data in Rs.11.The allegation method is as follows

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Reliance Jio typically releases new plans to meet customer needs. For example, a telecommuting plan or a cricket plan. To help customers stay connected to the Internet, telecommunications giants are now New emergency data loan offer that can be billed if the active plan does not have enough data.. That’s all you need to know about Jio’s new emergency loan offer.

Reliance Geo Emergency Data Loan Offer

With the Jio Emergency Data Loan offer, prepaid customers Charge now and pay later..Each data loan pack It costs Rs.11 and you can get 1GB of data..You can do it Up to 5 Data Loan Packs Available, This is effectively 5GB of data and costs Rs.55. The data you claim is linked to the effectiveness of your key plans.Worth mentioning You cannot use this data loan if you do not have an active plan..

How to claim a Jio emergency data loan

Jio emergency data loans can be billed in the MyJio app. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it from the Play Store (Download) or the App Store (Download). This option is not currently available to JioPhone users.

1.1. Open the MyJio app and tap the hamburger (horizontal 3 dots) menu Located in the upper left corner of the app Press “Emergency Data Loan” From the list of options available in the sidebar.

Geo emergency data loan

2. When the emergency data loan page is displayed,[続行]Press to select the Rs.11 plan. [緊急データを取得]Tap and[今すぐアクティブ化]Press Claim a loan. As you can see in the image below, you will not be able to claim a loan if you have not run out of your daily quota.

Geo Emergency Data Loan Claim You can return to this page at any time to claim additional loans if needed. After claiming 5 data loan vouchers, you must pay for the invoiced loan using your favorite UPI app or your preferred payment method to take advantage of the new loan. If you want to recharge your Jio number instead, you can now use the JioCareWhatsApp chatbot to recharge within WhatsApp.