The redesigned M1X Mac Mini with more ports may be available this fall

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When Apple launched the Mac Mini with the Apple M1 chip last November, the company didn’t redesign the machine. Instead, Apple has decided to reuse the old design of the previous generation Intel-powered Mac Mini. Today, the Cupertino giant is trying to redesign the Mac Mini with the next Apple M1X chip. We’ve heard about the next Mac Mini from Tarekomi’s Jon Prosser before. And now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has hinted that it’s available in his power-on newsletter.

M1X Mac Mini coming soon

Gurman did not reveal the exact availability, he says You can expect Apple to launch the M1X MacMini in the “next few months.”.. Given the timeline, the Cupertino giant could announce a new machine later this year, along with the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

“The Mac mini is used for more basic tasks such as video streaming, but many use it for software development machines, servers, or video editing needs. Apple knows that, so Intel We kept the model. Well, expect the high-end M1X Mac mini to be gone in the next few months. The design has been updated to add more ports than the current model. “ Mark Gurman wrote.

As Garman emphasizes in his report, the new M1X Mac Mini comes with more ports compared to its predecessor. According to a Jon Prosser report, the new model may include four Thunderbolt, two USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI ports. Unfortunately, the SD card slot may not be included yet. He also said that for two-tone colours, a “plexiglass-like” material could be used at the top.It may also be a feature Magnetic power port Just like the iMac.

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