The Pixel’s Overview widget now shows the battery status of connected Bluetooth devices.

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pixel "At a glance" The widget now shows the battery status of the connected Bluetooth device

With the launch of the Pixel 6 series last year, Google announced the release of an updated “AtaGlance” widget that displays different types of information on the home screen. Over time, Mountain View giants have added a number of features to their widgets, including support for bedtime reminders, fitness activity information, Nest doorbell alerts, and more.Now Google has added the ability to Check the battery percentage of the connected Bluetooth device AtaGlance widget. Check the details below.

Pixel’s Overview widget shows the battery percentage for Bluetooth devices

In the March 2022 Feature Drop update, Google announced that it will expand support for displaying the battery percentage of connected Bluetooth devices in the “AtaGlance” widget.The company hasn’t confirmed the release date, but a recent report reports. Launched for some users as part of A / B testing..

Redditor u / mattbxd It was recently reported that this feature was included in Pixel the meantime It disappeared after a whileRedditor can take a screenshot of the battery percentage feature (header image) and the new “Connected Devices” will switch in the overview settings (attached below).

pixel "At a glance" The widget now shows the battery status of the connected Bluetooth device
Image: u / mattbxd

So, as you can see, what’s new in the AtaGlance widget Shows the name of the connected Bluetooth device and the percentage of battery.. Going to Settings, users can find a new “Connected Devices” toggle to turn the feature on and off. This is a welcome feature for users as there is no need to drag the quick settings panel down or go to the Bluetooth settings to see the battery percentage and connection status of the Bluetooth device.

Well, it’s worth mentioning The Overview widget is currently exclusive to Pixel devices.. Google hasn’t even confirmed whether to release the updated widget to other OEMs. So if you have a Pixel device, you can go to the settings menu in the At a Glance widget to see if the new battery percentage feature is available. If so, please tell us your experience in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for future updates to this feature.

Featured image courtesy of: u / mattbxd (Reddit)