The perfect game to play with FaceTime for endless fun

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Please be with your friends who are doing FaceTime together! Make your next virtual Hangouts even more memorable with the perfect game to play with your friends on FaceTime.

Whether it’s a quiz, a word challenge, or a racing adventure, I’ve found the perfect choice for you and your peers. In addition, you can play these with family, colleagues, dates, or your loved ones. Scroll down to see a list of some of the most fun games you can play with FaceTime!

  1. Cyc!
  2. 8 ball pool
  3. UNO
  4. Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice
  5. Mario Kart Tour
  6. Kahoot!
  7. Bogle with friends
  8. bingo
  9. Scatterer
  10. Truth or dare

1. Psych !: Editor’s Choice

PsychFaceTime game screenshots

This game was a companion throughout the quarantine period. The purpose is to get together with friends, give creative answers to questions, and vote for the best. Ultimately, the winner is the one with the most votes.

Discovering who gave which answer is hilarious and guarantees endless fun! And bunter! It requires a minimum of two players, but can only be enjoyed if more people are playing.

This fun game blends trivia quizzes with Cards Against Humanity. There are many categories to choose from, but I always play the free category “The Truth Comes Out”.

In this, you and your friends have to answer fun questions about each other, such as “What was Maria’s last thing on Google?” Or, “What is Dan’s hidden talent?” Use your wit and creativity to win.

price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 0.99)


2.8 Ball Pool: The best sports game for FaceTime

8 ball pool iOS games to play with friends

Would you like to miss hanging out at a bar playing in the pool with your companions? Reproduce your experience with this legendary online pool game that does a great job of simulating a real experience. Sign in with your Facebook account to challenge your friends anytime, anywhere and showcase your skills.

In addition, there is a practice area where you can master your skills. It also has a level system that ensures that you are constantly being challenged to make it better. Colorful graphics and easy controls add to the appeal. It’s also one of the best iMessage games.

price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 0.99)


3. UNO: The best card game

FaceTime iPhone ipad uno game to play with screenshots

This is a classic card game that is part of many childhood memories. Now play it everywhere with this super online version. Play classic card games or choose from a variety of custom house rules. You can use the room to connect with family and friends, or you can partner in 2×2 mode.

Adorable graphics and sounds add to the fun and let you go back in time. Even if you’re flying alone, there are special events where you can take part in many virtual tournaments and earn rewards. Beyond the leaderboard to win those bragging rights!

price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $ 1.99)


4. Yahtzee® with BuddiesDice: The best two-player game

Screenshots of Yahtzee with Buddies Dice iPhone game

This is one of the unique games to play with your friends on FaceTime. The goal is to roll the dice and get the most points in different categories. This is a classic board game with a new twist that blends opportunity and strategy.

This is a two-player game, so if you have a lot of friends, you’ll need to play in pairs. You can also play solo against the game’s adorable Dice Master character. Conquer dozens of levels and overcome obstacles such as ice blocks and flying multipliers.

price: Free (starting from $ 2.99 for in-app purchases)


5. Mario Kart Tour: The Best Racing Game

Mario Kart racing game for iPhone and iPad

There is no such thing as a high octane race to lift spirits! It’s also a character from Mario’s classic video game. You and your friends will need a Nintendo Account to play this game. Up to 8 players can compete with each other at one time.

In addition, multiplayer racing can be customized by several factors, such as cart speed and number of item slots. FaceTime is easy to use while playing, as you can steer your vehicle with just one finger and a sling to control a devastating item when aiming for gold.

price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $ 1.99)


6. Kahoot!: The best trivia quiz game

kahoot!Screenshots of iphone and ipad multiplayer games created by playing quizzes

Do you feel competitive? Take on Kahoot, this fun trivia quiz game! You can find quizzes on any topic that are suitable for all age groups. Alternatively, you can create a custom to suit your needs. Then host it live on FaceTime and interact with friends and family.

In addition, it doubles as a great app for education or for the workplace. Students can use it to learn and professionals can use it for training and other such purposes.

Paid upgrades allow you to unlock advanced features such as vast images and advanced question types such as puzzles, polls, and open questions.

price: Free (upgrade from $ 5.99)


7. Bogle with friends: the best word game

Screenshots of bogle iphone game with friends

It’s time to test the power of your words! Boggle is here to confuse your mind. The goal is to spell the maximum number of words using the letters in the grid before time runs out!

In addition, as it works, there are some fun new modes to try, mysterious twists, and daily challenges. I can’t think of any more interesting ways to keep your mind sharp.

You can train yourself in solo play and test your vocabulary skills in 3 rounds of wit matches. You can also play offline and choose from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish and English.

Such versatility certainly makes it one of the best games to play in FaceTime for people of all ages.

price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 0.99)


8. Bingo: The Best FaceTime Party Game

Bingo iPhone and iPad app screenshots

After a good old Bingo round, every happy gathering will be fun. Playing during Face Timing is one of the fun games as you can play against your friends and see who will be the luckiest!

If you are new to Bingo, erasing the random numbers on the card is a game of chance. The winner is the person who first strikes through all the numbers.

Use your own boosts for bonus effects such as free dubs and additional coins. You can also play in a variety of rooms with themes such as beaches and discos. In addition, all rooms come with collectable cards that allow you to earn even more boosts.

price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 0.99)


9. Scatter Gory: The best virtual board game

Scatter plot iPhone iPad game screenshot

This is a creative thinking-based board game dating back to 1988. The iPhone and iPad versions offer the perfect thing when you’re doing Face Timing with your friends. The purpose is to list by random categories such as actors, colors, etc. All of these begin with the letters of the specified alphabet.

For example, if you receive the letter F, you must enter the actor’s name or the country that begins with F. Points will be added for each original accurate answer. And those who can’t think with their own feet lose.

I love this game because minor typos are not a problem. You don’t have to be a spelling pro to be successful. You can also track your achievements to see who is farthest away. A little low stakes competition will bring your group of friends closer.

price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $ 1.99)


10. Truth or dare: The best FaceTime game for couples

Truth or dare or iPhone and iPad app screenshots

This brings back memories of high school parties! Well, it’s certainly classic and one of the most fun games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend on FaceTime. However, you can also play with your friends for a memorable time.

Each player has to choose between answering the question honestly or taking on a challenging challenge. There are several categories for beginners and experienced players. In addition, you can choose a game mode for kids, teens, or real Daredevil.

It is sure to help you get to know your friends, dates, or other important things better.

price: Free (starting from $ 2.99 for in-app purchases)


Now you have all the games you need to play in FaceTime. Have you missed it? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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