The perfect bumper case for the 2022 iPhone 11 Pro

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Looking for something as powerful as your iPhone 11 Pro to protect your iPhone 11 Pro from your daily work? How about a durable and durable bumper case? Now that we have some of the best iPhone 11 Pro bumper cases lined up, surf and find the perfect one.

  1. Temdan
  2. RhinoShield
  3. Ranvoo
  4. Tozo
  5. FAteam
  6. JETech
  7. ESR

1. Temdan Bumper Case-Editor’s Choice

Temdan bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro

If you have a bumper case for the iPhone 11 Pro, you’ll be amazed at what Temdan offers. It comes with a built-in screen protector along with a raised edge that protects your screen. It also does not affect the responsiveness or clarity of the screen. It protects your screen from scratches and even dirt.

The back cover, which is an important part of the case, is made of shock-absorbing TPU material to make a hard and durable PC. It gives your iPhone 11 Pro universal protection. Overall, it’s lightweight and thin, so it doesn’t add bulky elements to the iPhone. And the best part is to protect your phone from accidental drops and collisions!

The Temdan case supports wireless charging and provides easy access to all buttons and ports on the device. This case is already on the iPhone 11 Pro case list, making it number one in today’s lineup.

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2. RhinoShield Slim Bumper Case – Impact Absorber

RhinoShield Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Get unmatched shock protection with this bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro. It is 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection. At the same time, the inner honeycomb structure helps to absorb 10% more impact.

You can rest assured that it is safer than military grade standards and provides 11 feet (3.4 m) of impact protection! Durable and available in 10 attractive color options.

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3. Ranvoo Metal Frame Bumper Case – iPhone 11 Pro Original Look

Ranvoo Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Protecting the edges and corners is the most important part of the bumper case, where Ranvoo comes out to rescue the iPhone 11 Pro. A metal bumper case that protects the corners and edges of your iPhone without a back cover! Yes, you heard that right, it doesn’t have a back cover.

This case doesn’t have a back cover, so it’s suitable for anyone who can take care of your iPhone in terms of scratches, fingerprints, dust, etc. A shock-absorbing inner frame protects against sudden shocks, and an aluminum metal-reinforced bumper protects your iPhone from accidental drops.

A raised silicone lip near the camera provides precise protection and non-slip for the lens. With Ranvoo, you can not only provide maximum protection with a bumper case, but also showcase your iPhone in style.

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4. Tozo Slim Fit Case – Soft Matte Finish

Tozo iPhone 11 Pro Transparent Bumper Case

The perfect slim fit and raised edges (squares) near the camera provide the best protection for your iPhone 11 Pro! The grip and feel of the Tozo case was great! The back panel is made of transparent PC and the corners and edges are protected with TPU material.

Available in matt black, Tozo looks great on the iPhone 11 Pro and is slim. It has an accurate notch near the screen and also supports wireless charging, so it’s compatible with most screen protectors.

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5. FAteam Case for iPhone 11 Pro – Retro Cassette Tape Appearance

FAteam bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro

FAteam is specially made for the iPhone 11 Pro, which fits perfectly into the device without compromising its slim and sophisticated design. The case can be technically divided into two parts. One is the inner layer made of soft TPU, which firmly fixes the body, and the outer layer is made of hard PC, which protects the iPhone from accidental drops and sudden collisions.

This two-layer protection is rarely seen in most bumper cases. In most cases, it’s a slim and sophisticated design that just leaves protection. but, FAteam, you get a single case, both protection and sophisticated design! It also supports wireless charging.

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6. JETech HD Clear Bumper Case – Dotted inner design

JETech bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro

Cushion your iPhone 11 Pro with this durable TPU and polycarbonate bumper case. There are also small inner dots that help prevent watermarks from forming on the back and sides of the phone.

In addition, the slim design is ultra-transparent and keeps the look of your mobile phone. The scratch-resistant back and raised bezel keep the device in its original condition. It’s a sturdy and reliable choice.

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7. ESR Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro – Metal Frame

ESR Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Thoroughly test and investigate the design of this bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro to make sure it doesn’t interfere with signal strength. The impact-resistant outer layer helps keep the phone safe from external damage, and the inner TPU lining protects the sides.

In addition, the four raised corners effectively protect the camera lens and screen from scratches caused by rubbing a flat surface. Available in three colors: dark green, gold, and silver.

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Therefore, there were some bumper cases that were perfect for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Put together!

Always use the Rhino Shield bumper case, which provides military-grade protection. Which of these bumper cases would you choose for your iPhone 11 Pro? Let us know in the comments section now!

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