The perfect bag for your 2021 MacBook Pro

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Whether you’re looking for a minimalist and more sophisticated notebook sleeve, or need a durable MacBook Pro bag, you’ll find the right perspective for your specific requirements. We have carefully selected different bags in consideration of different requirements. Let’s jump in and explore immediately!

  1. Mahi Compact Laptop Satchel
  2. Oxford zip up from paralysis
  3. Harbor London leather laptop bag
  4. Vangoddy Brook Shoulder Messenger Bag for MacBook Pro
  5. IncaseCity Compact Backpack
  6. Tomtoc laptop shoulder bag for MacBook Pro
  7. MOSISO water repellent neoprene sleeve bag
  8. Lacdo 14 inch 360 ° protective laptop shoulder bag
  9. ARVOK 15 15.6 inch water resistant laptop bag
  10. MOSISO laptop shoulder bag for MacBook Pro
  11. ESTARON Leather Adjustable Messenger Bag
  12. Ronyes Vintage Laptop Backpack

1. Mahi Compact Laptop Satchel

Mahi Compact Laptop Satchel Bag for MacBook Pro

A compact, lightweight, guilty handmade bag with a 100% full grain leather exterior and a pure cotton canvas lining.

There’s plenty of room for a 13-inch laptop, A4 pad, iPad, and other accessories. In addition, there are zipper pockets on the outside and inside.

Besides? You can also insert the initials into the bag.

But why don’t you feel guilty? Because all skins are agricultural by-products. And $ 1.5 from every sale goes to Frank Water, which helps provide clean water in India.

USP: Ethically manufactured and crafted leather bag

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2.2. Oxford zip up from paralysis

Mahi's Oxford Zip-Up Bag for MacBook Pro

From the angular form factor and metallic design elements to the inner pockets of pens and wallets, everything has an old-fashioned charm.

Made from genuine handmade leather, the Oxford Zip Up has a very professional and sophisticated look. Moreover, thanks to the patina magic of leather, it only gets better with age.

There are some more exciting perks. One can customize the bag with initials. In addition, we offer free worldwide shipping, a one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.

USP: Spacious interior

Check Mahi Leather

3. Harbor London Leather Laptop Bag

Harbor London MacBook Pro bag

I’ve said many times that my MacBook Pro is my virtual home and tends to go outboard a bit with sleeves for a while, but I’m back in my laptop bag for daily use .. The Harbor London Laptop Bag is my ultimate reliable MacBook Pro laptop bag.

Made of premium full-grain vegetable tanning leather, this bag will make my Mac look even more elegant after a while as the leather gracefully ages. The bag has two magnetic pouches for safe storage of important items and a pocket for storing notebooks and passports. You can also store your Mac with the Harbor London sleeve attached.

USP: Impact resistance

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4. Vangotdy Brook Shoulder Messenger Bag for MacBook Pro

Vangoddy MacBook Pro bag

Vangoddy Brook’s notebook bag is a complete package. Ideal not only for business but also for daily travel.

The ripstop twill construction makes it durable and water resistant. Detachable shoulder straps and handles help you carry your bag easily. An additional compartment makes it convenient to store your mouse, headphones, and more. Available on both 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros.

USP: Impact resistance

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5. Case City Compact Backpack

A sophisticated and compact backpack for stylish storage of your MacBook Pro. It fits comfortably on laptops up to 16 inches and provides adequate protection on the move. Featuring a 360-degree padded, faux fur-lined laptop compartment, it offers optimal comfort and safety.

In addition, it has a front zippered compartment for organizing and a spacious primary compartment for carrying all your essentials. Organize things and get quick access when needed. Constructed from durable 270 x 500D blended polyester, it maintains a slim and elegant look.

USP: Slim appearance

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6. Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag for MacBook Pro

Tomtoc MacBook bag

Tomtoc has a more practical design that gives your notebook the protection you need. Thanks to the soft lining, the bag can absorb shocks. You can trust it completely and not hurt your notebook.

Apart from the main compartment, it has two additional pockets for perfect organization of small items. The zipper closure ensures that all of your valuables stay tight inside.

The PU leather handle has a high grip, so you can carry your notebook comfortably. Adjustable shoulder straps give you the convenience you need while carrying your device.

You can choose Tomtoc for both 13-inch and 15-inch notebooks. There are also 6 color variations.

USP: Shock absorption design

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7. MOSISO water repellent neoprene sleeve bag

Mosiso MacBook bag

If you admire simplicity, the Mosiso MacBook Pro bag is for you. It is beautifully made of water-repellent lycra material.

With a padding layer of polyester foam and a fluffy fleece lining, the sleeves can withstand impact and protect your laptop from scratch. It’s pretty slim and lightweight, so it’s convenient to carry anywhere.

Comes with a small case to store accessories such as wall chargers and cables. Not only that. Mosiso is available in 13 attractive colors.

USP: Water repellent lycra material

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8. Lacdo 14 inch 360 ° protective laptop shoulder bag

Lacdo MacBook bag

Lacdo is a complete package with an executive design. It is neatly carved from the highest quality fabrics. A durable construction reinforced with a smooth interior provides the care you need for your laptop.

You can trust it to protect your device from accidental drops and scratches. There are up to 4 additional pockets to keep all your accessories organized.

The top handle and shoulder strap make it easy to carry your notebook. Lacdo is also available on both models (13-inch and 15-inch MBPs).

USP: 4 additional pockets

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9. ARVOK 15 15.6 inch water resistant laptop bag

Arvok MacBook bag

Arvok, which shows a sophisticated profile, has most of the boxes checked. It’s pretty slim and lightweight.

The bag is made of premium canvas fabric, which makes it a long-lasting companion for your notebook. The soft interior not only reinforces the structure, but also gives it the power to fight the bumps.

Top handles and zipper closures meet your basic needs. In addition, Arvok has four adorable color options: black, denim blue, gray and gorgeous burgundy.

USP: Luxury canvas fabric

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10. MOSISO laptop shoulder bag for MacBook Pro

MOSISO MacBook Pro bag

Mosiso bags are pretty fashionable. With a sophisticated profile and beautiful craftsmanship, you can instantly catch the eyeballs.

A layer of high quality polyester foam padding enhances its construction. It has a zipper closure to keep your laptop safe. In addition, it has two front pockets and a large back pocket for easy storage of most of your valuable accessories.

There are two types of bags: gray and orange, and black and red. The Mosiso bag also comes with a one-year warranty.

USP: Polyester foam pad

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11. Estalon Leather Adjustable Messenger Bag

Estalon MacBook bag

The main reason for including the Estalon messenger bag is that it boasts a vintage executive design. It is made of horse leather and has the best workmanship.

The bag is sewn with canvas and can withstand impact. The texture of the leather enhances longevity and helps maintain the class for a long time.

The main compartment holds a 14-inch laptop, and the other two pockets hold other small things. In addition, Estalon comes in six adorable color variations, including black pebbles and brown.

USP: The finest horse leather

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12. Ronyes Vintage Laptop Backpack

This is a pretty stylish backpack that’s perfect for your MacBook. Made of high quality 600D nylon fabric that is lightweight and has excellent abrasion resistance. It boasts a total of 6 compartments that meet all your needs. This includes one large zipper pocket with laptop compartment, two front zipper pockets, one inner pouch and two side pockets for water bottles and umbrellas.

Plus, it’s well-padded and has adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort. There is also a convenient external USB port with a built-in charging cable for those who have a power bank. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors such as blue, light green, pink and red.

USP: Stylish yet functional

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Everyone, that’s all.

What is your choice?

After a glance at the top laptop bag, tell us what you think fits your requirements. Also, if you missed Roundup in any of your favorite notebook bags, please let us know.

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