The OnePlus Nord2 battery explodes while you’re riding your bike.Company starts investigation

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When Ankur Sharma’s wife, who lives in Bangalore, recently bought a new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone, given the brand’s track record, she didn’t expect it to lead to such a disastrous experience. However, the new OnePlus Nord 2 device exploded in a sling bag when she rode a bike, leading to a traumatic experience.

Sharma reported on Twitter about the incident. In a tweet, Ankur shared four high-resolution images of the burned device and some details. However, the tweet was later deleted by Sharma, probably following OnePlus’ instructions.The incident was reported by a Dutch media house LetsGoDigital Here you can check some images:


According to the tweet, Sharma’s wife bought the device just five days ago. After that, I put a new smartphone in the sling bag and rode a bicycle. The OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded in the bag and a lot of smoke began to come out of the bag. It happened while Sharma’s wife was riding a bicycle, which led to a traumatic accident for her.

According to the image, the device seems to have exploded from the inside. The explosion destroyed the device chassis, screen, and back panel. Even a damaged lithium-ion protective bag was visible after the blast.

OnePlus Nord2 explodes while riding a bike

Therefore, the explosion could have been caused by a 4,500mAh battery inside the OnePlus Nord 2. However, the exact cause of the explosion is currently obscured. Following a post on Twitter, OnePlus contacted Ankur Sharma via an official tweet from the support handle.The company said that I want to “fix” an incident.. Please see the tweet below.

Now, after OnePlus shared the tweet, Ankur Sharma deleted the original post along with the image. This may have been done as directed by OnePlus, as the company does not want to expose such reports to potential customers.Also, Sharma Confirm later OnePlus is already aware of the issue and has already begun root cause analysis (RCA) of the incident.

Featured images courtesy of LetsGo Digital