The new Reality Scan app transforms real-world objects into 3D models

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The Epic Games Reality Scan app has been introduced

As Metaverse hype continues to grow in the market, the demand for 3D models to create immersive AR / VR environments is skyrocketing. Citing this, Epic Games has released the Reality Scan app for iOS and Android to make it easier for smartphone users to create 3D models of objects. This app transforms regular smartphone photo objects into highly detailed 3D models. For more information, see the details below.

Epic’s Reality Scan app transforms real-world objects into 3D models

Epic recently announced a limited beta release of the new Reality Scan app through an official forum blog post. The company has partnered with Quixel, a company focused on 3D software, to develop RealityScan apps. Capturing Reality, a company recently acquired by Epic Games, also plays a role in this collaboration.

The idea here is Allows smartphone users to convert surrounding objects into detailed 3D models that can be exported directly to Sketchfab, 3D and AR / VR assets are one of the largest platforms for sharing, publishing and selling. Users can also create 3D models as needed and use them in existing projects and games. You can check out the video below to understand how it works.

Well, it’s worth mentioning the The RealityScan app is available as part of a limited beta version of iOS Test Flight for 10,000 users only Beta test platform. The slot is already filled, but Jay Peters The Verge I was able to try the limited beta version of the app. You can see images of some 3D models that Peters tried to capture using the Reality Scan app running on the iPhone 12 mini attached below.

3D model of reality scan app
Image courtesy of The Verge

as you can see, The 3D model isn’t exactly the same as the one introduced by Epic. In the video above. Obviously, the Reality Scan app is in the very early stages. Further improvements are needed in terms of actual performance. Epic says it will continue to test the app in beta testers and improve with feedback.

The company also Reality Scan Early Access Program Opens in Spring 2022, First on iOS. It will be available on Android later. Epic doesn’t provide an accurate timeline for the official release, but the app is expected to be released later this year. So stay tuned for future updates. Let us know what you think about the Reality Scan app in the comments below.