The Google Play Store will soon show regional and device-specific ratings for apps and games.

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There are thousands of apps and games in the Google Play store. We often review user reviews before downloading an app or game to your device. As a result, Google will make two important changes to the digital marketplace later this year to improve the experience and allow us to view region- and device-specific user reviews.

From November of this year, users View region-specific ratings and reviews for apps and games On the Google Play store. This means that if a user reviews an app or game rating on the Play Store after November, they will see reviews and ratings from users in their own country instead of global ratings and reviews.

In addition, starting in early 2022, the Play Store will also show specific ratings and reviews for apps and games based on the user’s device, such as tablets, Chromebooks, foldables, and smartphones.

Now, for those who don’t know, the Google Play Store is currently displaying ratings and reviews from users around the world. This may not always be beneficial, as some apps and games may have region-specific issues where negative user reviews set global awareness. Therefore, with this change, the Mountain View Giants aim to avoid the situation.

Then, starting in early 2022, the company will begin displaying device-specific ratings and reviews for apps and games on the Play Store. In this way, users can see comments and ratings for apps and games that are specific to the type of device they are using.Google says it “This gives users a better impression of the experience they can expect from their device.”

In addition to these changes, Google brings some important changes to the Google Play Console, including device type insights, an easy way to download data, and more flexible date and time period selection options. For more information on these, see Google’s recent official blog post.