The dessert name for Android 14 is “upside down cake”

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Android 14 dessert name upside down cake

If you’re an Android user from the beginning, you may already know that Google has been using the Android version of the desert name for a long time. The company has abandoned the Android 10 tradition, but what you may not know is that it uses the dessert name for the Android version internally. Last year, we confirmed that Google called the next version of Android 13 “Tiramisu” internally. Currently, a recent Android Gerrit commitment suggests that Android 14 is called an “upside-down cake.” Details are here.

Is Android 14’s dessert name “upside down cake”?

According to a recent report by XDA developerPeople working on Android 14 at Google recently mentioned in some commitments on the Android Gerrit platform the name of the Android 14 internal dessert that will be released next year. According to the commit, the internal codename for Android 14 or Android U is “Upside Down Cake”.

Android 14 dessert name found

It may sound strange, but Google didn’t have many name choices.. Note that Google chooses the Android version of the dessert name according to the default version (in this case “U”). Android 13 is version “T”, so it is named “Tiramisu”.

Also note that Google will continue to refer to Android 14 when it is released next year. This version of the Desert Codename is for internal employees and developers only.

I know the internal codename of Android 14, but No details about its features and changes or its release timeline.. In fact, this year’s Android 13 is still in the developer preview stage, with the first beta available this month. Details will be announced at Google I / O 2022. So stay tuned for future updates on Android. Also, let us know what you think about the Android 14 dessert name in the comments below.