The best ring holder case for the 2022 iPhone XR

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No one knows to drop the iPhone. But an accident happens! Get your iPhone XR top ring case so you don’t drop your precious device. In addition to providing a non-slip grip, these covers also increase your media time. You can rotate the ring to place your smartphone in the optimal viewing angle.

In addition, most of these covers are also compatible with magnetic car mounts. Is it sold as a utility? This is the best iPhone XR ring case you can buy!

  1. HAVVA
  2. iCoverCase
  3. CoverON
  4. Shield up

1. HAVVA for iPhone XR Case – Editor’s Choice

HAVVA for iPhoneXR ring holder case

Looking for a sophisticated cover for iPhone XR? Featuring an incredibly slim design, HAVVA provides a great match with your iPhone.

The case is resistant to dirt and fingerprints, mainly due to its matte sand finish. In addition, it has a smooth finish and grips firmly.

By raising the lip, the camera has additional protection against scratches. In addition, HAVVA is available in attractive color variations such as red, gold and rose gold.

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2. iCoverCase – Magnetic Support Metal Ring

iCoverCase for iPhone XR Ring Holder Case

If you want to show off the lovely design of iPhone XR, “iCoverCase” is the best choice. A sport with a fairly thin design. The case fits perfectly around the iPhone.

Made of soft TPU, the case is very flexible. Therefore, the cover can be easily removed and installed.

Another notable feature is the soft textured surface that feels good to the touch. The ring works perfectly to boost your video time. Magnetic car mount support enables hands-free navigation to maintain a comfortable driving experience.

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3. CoverON – Improved grip

CoverON Ring Case for iPhone XR

What caught the eye of “Cover ON” was its slim yet protective design. This means that your style will not be compromised without compromising the safety of your smartphone.

Ready with a rugged PC and a fairly soft TPU. Thanks to the hybrid design, it is durable to withstand impact.

The carbon fiber pattern makes it look good, and the clean cutouts provide hassle-free access to ports and speakers. Do you like colorful designs? CoverON is available in three attractive colors: rose gold, mint teal and gray.

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4. Shields Up designed for iPhone XR – Clear Case

Shield up designed for iPhone XR case

Attention is focused on the shock absorbing structure of Shields Up. Equipped with a double layer of structure. The case is shock-resistant and strong enough to provide the care you need for your smartphone.

The design looks compact and features carbon fiber patterns on the top and bottom. Metal rings are excellent at providing multiple viewing angles. The high edges essentially protect the LCD screen and single camera from wear.

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5. MOVOYEE iPhone XR Ring Holder Case-Impact Resistant Silicon

MOVOYEE design of iPhone XR case Shin

MOVOYEE shows off its slim design and pairs seamlessly with your iPhone. The elastic material makes it easy to attach the cover. With a soft finish and the necessary cushioning on the palm, you can hold your iPhone more conveniently.

When it comes to metal rings, it should withstand your demands. The metal plate makes it very convenient. Especially if you want to use the car mount to hold your iPhone and use it more conveniently.

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