The best podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts in 2022

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Podcasts are a unique way to get to know and start conversations about underrated and irrelevant topics. And if you want to be more competitive with your peers, it’s essential in most industries. However, you may want to know more about the various events and changes in your area of ​​interest.

In the rapidly changing world of technology, especially Apple, we often see remarkable subtle yet spectacular changes. As a tech enthusiast, I’ve listed some of my favorites and the best podcasts you should listen to. Let’s take a look at the entry!

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast
  2. Waveform
  3. Later Liu
  4. Darknet diary
  5. iGeeksBlog show
  6. TechStuff
  7. Mac power user
  8. analog)
  9. Tech guy
  10. Daily Tech News Show

1. Accidental Tech Podcasts-Editor’s Choice

Accidental tech podcasts and tech-related podcasts for Apple

What if three friends who are completely absorbed in technology and Apple’s philosophy are sitting and geeky? The answer is simple. Lots of good jokes studded with knowledge and insights on how Apple is moving forward.

please do not worry. It’s not just Apple. If you’re a coder, you’ll love this podcast. The three hosts also often talk about their coding and programming experience. You’ll also find conversations with Apple about their lives and personal experiences with technology in general.

Overall, this podcast will give you a cozy atmosphere and tell you a few things about Apple’s large ecosystem over the years. They also have an extensive list of uproar episodes!

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2. Waveform: MKBHD Podcast – For Millennials

Waveform MKB HD podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts

When Marques Brownlee launched the YouTube channel MKBHD in 2009, technology reviews for the mass consumer weren’t important. Fast forwarding in 2022, his YouTube channel has more than 15 million subscribers and is one of the best technology reviewers on the planet.

Waveform: In the MKBHD podcast, Brownlee details the changes in technology for consumers. From longer issues and experiences with different products to the thinking process when reviewing products, Brownlee is deeply involved with her co-host Andrew Manganelli.

As a millennial, I found his podcast to be very relevant and based on today’s technical reality. Listen to some valuable anecdotes and insights in this podcast. It’s one of the best Apple Podcasts in 2022 and should grow even further.

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3. Lew Later – Underrated gems

Lew Later podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts

How often have you come across a great podcast that doesn’t seem to be very popular online? LewLater is one of those podcasts.

Lewis George Hilsenteger is very popular on his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, but his podcast has a more complex approach to technology. Listening to his podcast gives you valuable insights into what seems to be random, which has a huge impact on the tech field.

For example, in a recent episode, Lewis talks about how Apple’s foldables will change the flow of laptop technology over the next few years. There is also talk of tech giants such as Google and Facebook changing the ecosystem little by little.

This kind of insight is very interesting to hear, and thankfully there are over 400 episodes. If you haven’t listened to Lew Later yet, you’ve missed a great podcast.

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4. Darknet Diaries – The Hidden World of Technology

Darknet Diaries Podcast for Apple and Tech Lovers

Most of us browse the Internet for new technologies, reviews, and stories about solutions to technology problems that we may face, but there is a completely different world of technology that is overlooked. Darknet Diaries bring these tech stories to the fore.

Whether it’s a true story about hacking or the potential for a variety of cybercrime, Jack Rhysider offers the best story about the horrors committed through technology.

While these stories play like Netflix’s true crime documentary, Jack gives the podcast a certain calm presence. He details how these crimes occur and what we can do to prevent them. Overall, each podcast episode is like a combination of true crime and knowledge.

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5. iGeeksBlog Show-All about Apple

IGeeks BlogShow Podcast for Apple and Tech Lovers

If we’re talking about the best Apple Podcasts, but not our own iGeeks Blog Show, is it a list that includes the best Apple Podcasts? If you want to know about Apple from different perspectives, this is a show to watch.

The podcast is hosted by Harshanki, who analyzes stories about Apple, from product rumors to the branding strategy that made Apple huge today.

The show is also beginning to embark on today’s trends where NFTs and crypto are becoming mainstream. Basically, she can drop a knowledge bomb on the show and help you in the future!

In the meantime, why not check out the iGeeks iOS app as well? I guarantee that the content available through the app is worth your time!

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6. TechStuff – The impact of technology on the world

TechStuff podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts

What if you’re interested in podcasts that talk more than just Apple? Would you like to hear a show about technology in general and see how finely it can affect how the world works? In that case, TechStuff is exactly the show you are looking for.

Jonathan Strickland hosts this amazing show with stories about technology and the people who make it possible. From talking about how some people have changed the flow of technology to the latest products that will change our daily lives forever, Strickland covers them all.

Podcasts also have a certain academic quality, and Strickland gives us insights into how our lives, our culture, and the space in which we live will change in the future. If you want a comprehensive podcast, try this podcast.

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7. Mac Power Users – All Macs

MacPower Users podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts

When Apple announced the Mac, personal computing changed forever. Naturally, this product is changing over time. In fact, there’s so much you need to know about the Mac that it can really overwhelm you in every detail.

Thankfully, David Sparks and Stephen Hackett make this much easier. This podcast spotlights your Mac and talks about how different components and unique tricks make using your Mac fun.

You never get tired of just asking about your Mac. The show also provides insights into Apple apps and brings a prominent personality to talk about their workflow and company.

If you want to know more about the Mac Mini World, this is definitely a podcast to listen to.

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8. Analog (ue) – The impact of technology on our lives

Analog (ue) podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts

Technology occupies most of the ever-changing world. So you can find lots of podcasts online about new technologies and what they bring for a better future. However, these shows barely talk about how technology affects our lives.

With Analog (ue), hosts Casey Liss and Myke Hurley bring a personal touch to the world of technology. Whether the Apple Watch changes the way we look at fitness or talks about different technologies that make our lives easier (or harder), hosts talk about their interpersonal life and the reality of the earth.

In some cases, podcasts just need to be relevant. This is a podcast that I’m sure many of us are involved with.

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9. Tech Guy – Tech Radio at the push of a button

TechGuy podcast for Apple and tech enthusiasts

Over the last decade, radio shows have been gradually phased out on podcasts. But when the radio show culminated, Leo Laporte was a great part of the extrapolation and explanation of technology.

The Tech Guy podcast features recordings of Laporte’s live shows over the air. There is absolutely no limit to what Laporte can talk about in his show on technology. From cable TV to Elon Musk’s Starlink, Raport has valuable opinions on all of them.

It’s easy to approach the show. If you’re not tech savvy, Leo’s brief explanation of the most sophisticated devices, tech rumors, and their impact on our world will surely turn you into a fan.

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10. Daily Tech News Show – Latest Tech News

Daily Tech News Show Podcast for Apple and Tech Lovers

Technology is a huge area for continuous surveillance. Industries, businesses, and even everyday life can be shaped and transformed by subtle changes. For this reason, most podcasts tend to stick to a particular niche to simplify the delivery of tech news.

Use the Daily Tech News Show to get news about the entire technology spectrum. Want to know about the latest advances in artificial intelligence? How is technology affecting tensions between Russia and Ukraine? Did you know about the scams and weaknesses that have occurred through technology? This show has covered you in every way.

Tom Merritt keeps you up to date through a fun and expansive podcast. This show shows an easier way to stay up to date on the world’s technologies.

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Mike check! 3 … 2 … 1 … go!

So what did you think of this list of the best podcasts? This list has been created with different tastes and ratings in mind. If you haven’t heard of them, I’ve also listed some of my personal favorites.

What do you think of podcasts while talking about this topic? Is this what you want to hear? Or do you like other forms of media and entertainment? Please post your opinion in the comments below!

See you next time. In the meantime, here are some links you can enjoy.