The best party planner app for iPhone and iPad in 2021

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Whether you’re planning a casual get-together, a chic social gathering, or an elaborate business activity, the Event Planning app for iPhone can be very helpful. There are apps for planning and managing almost every aspect, from organizing to tracking invitations to communicating with guests. It also helps with virtual Hangouts.

Here’s a summary of the party planner apps that are perfect for business and personal events.

5 easy-to-use corporate party planning apps

1. Eventbrite Organizer: Great for ticketed events

Eventbrite Organizer Event Planning App

Eventbrite is one of the most popular apps people use to find events of interest. Therefore, this organizer app is a must if you want to reach the maximum number of ticketed events. Used to manage ticket sales and make the event a success.

It provides easy-to-use ticket scanning and check-in, providing event attendees with a perfect entry experience. Real-time data keep track of ticket sales and attendance. In addition, you can trust it with quick and secure payments for both tickets and goods.

Scan your ticket with your iPhone’s camera to help attendees check in reliably and efficiently. Alternatively, quickly search the guest list to find the name directly.

In particular, we are grateful to be able to respond quickly to customer requests by confirming the order and immediately reissuing, canceling or refunding it.

In addition, all sales and check-in data is synced with Eventbrite’s servers, making it convenient to use multiple devices. Oh, and the best part is that this app is available in German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.

price: Free (For paid events, the service fee depends on the ticket price)


2. Diobox: Great for corporate events

Screenshots of the Diobox event planning app

This is another great app for planning and managing medium-sized corporate and customer events. From the beginning to the end of the event, you have everything you need to control every aspect.

Start by importing your contacts and creating a guest list. You can then send invitations, manage guest profiles, assign plus ones, track guest activity, and view guest activity as needed.

You can also easily collaborate with your team using different authority roles. Efficient and easy to use. Overall, an integrated solution for understanding seating charts, creating event websites, selling tickets, and accepting payments in multiple currencies.

price: $ 22.00 / month


3. Concept: Essential organizational tools

Concepts Best iPhone Business Meeting App Screenshots

Regardless of the size or scope of the event, there are countless things you need to remember and organize. Notion is my favorite solution for tracking everything. It’s an innovative all-in-one workspace that combines notes, tasks, and databases.

Schedules, things to do, lists and everything else in one place for quick and easy access. Plus, you can edit it at any time by simply dragging and dropping. Offline access means that you always have access to the information you need.

You can also share pages and edit with your teammates to experience collaboration. There are no restrictions on how you can use Notion. So even if you’re not planning an event, including it in your toolkit is a great organized app. See the entire review for more information.

price: Free ($ 4.99 / month for Personal Pro)


4. ezCater: The best catering app for your event

Screenshot of ezcater event planning app

The right food can make or destroy your event! That’s why you need the ezCater app to order great food that takes your business event to the next level.

The app boasts a network of over 80,000 catering partners nationwide. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can order at the last minute if you want.

The best part is paying directly for the order, not using the app. In addition, the ezRewards program earns points for every order. You can then use them for your next order or redeem them for an Amazon Gift Card. Pretty neat!

price: free


5. Boom Set Event App: Great for virtual and hybrid events

Boom set event planner app screenshot

Boom Set is an app for both participants and organizers. This is useful for networking virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid events.

Participants can register for the event via the relevant ticketing platform and the registration data will be immediately imported into Boomset. You can then register for a session, monitor availability, check speaker backgrounds, and browse virtual booths.

Organizers can access raw participant data, control access points, and determine who is attending which session.

Plus, you can easily share your digital business cards with others, book meetings with exhibitors and sponsors, and hold one-on-one video conferencing, which is useful for large-scale events.

price: free


3 Mandatory personal party planning app

6. Pinterest: Great for inspiration

Screenshot of pinterest iphone ipad app

Pinterest is my go-to place when planning something. From deciding on an event theme to finding inspirations such as decorations and invitations, it’s a treasure trove of ideas to help you at every stage. In fact, it’s also essential for wedding planning.

I love being very easy to use and visually appealing. You can create a board to organize all the different ideas. Build as many boards as you need and collaborate with others as needed.

Pinterest is not only one of the best free event planning apps, but also doubles for other projects such as travel and home remodeling.

price: free


7. Punch Bowl: The perfect app for party invitations

Punch Bowl Event Invitation App Screenshot

No more looking for beautiful custom invitations that are easy to design. Punch Bowl allows you to create and edit personalized invitations for all kinds of parties.

With all the characters that kids love, such as Mickey, Minnie, Peppa Pig, and Minions, it’s perfect for kids parties. However, there are many options for other age groups as well.

Just select a template and customize it to your liking. You can also add a carry-on option to conveniently schedule deliveries.

In addition, manage and track RSVP in real time or chat with guests to follow up. All of these features make it an all-in-one party invitation app that you’ll want to use.

price: free


8. Houseparty: Great for virtual parties

screenshot of houseparty iphone app

Recently, virtual parties are in need of time. Houseparty is like a social network realized by face-to-face interaction. It alerts your friends when you’re at home, so you can have an instant virtual party with up to 10 people at a time.

You can even challenge your team to a karaoke session, add an inner artist to a channel in Quick Draw, or play an action-packed UNO game. In addition, you can stream Fortnite gameplay to Houseparty.

price: Free (additional trivia quiz games start at $ 0.99)


You now have a list of the best event planning apps to help you succeed in your party, meeting, or rally. Try them out and let us know what happens!

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