The best one-handed game for iPhone and iPad in 2022

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Fixing your hand around your phone is one thing to play the latest shooters with fast-paced action and tough multiplayer components. However, you may not always be crazy about such games. Instead, playing casual games with only one hand, especially when commuting, has a certain amount of tranquility.

If this seems to be relevant, here is a list of the best one-handed games for iPhone and iPad. Let’s dive.

  1. Two dots
  2. Beat street
  3. Three!
  4. crossroads
  5. Temple Run 2
  6. King Rabbit
  7. Small wings
  8. Pac-Man
  9. Super Mario Run
  10. Pocket tank

1. Two Dots – Editor’s Choice

Two-dot one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

Two Dots has a very simple system. However, the system is well implemented and makes the gameplay addictive.

In the game you need to connect the two dots. It’s easy? error. It may seem easy at first, but you have to deal with different environments, rogue dots, and even comets.

The game has over 3,000 levels and features a variety of environments such as the Arctic Circle and the jungle. You need to find and connect points while dealing with the unique dangers thrown in your way.

You can also connect the game to your Facebook account and play with friends who own the game. The app offers new rewards and challenges every day, so you’ll never run out of content.

This game can be rewarding, especially if you make one wrong move. So if you like something a little easier, this may not be the game for you.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


2. Beat Street – the best action game

Beat Street one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

When it comes to playing games with one hand, you’ve never thought of an action game. Here are one of the most entertaining action games you can play with one hand.

Beat Street is an action game reminiscent of old action games. This is even more important given the aesthetics of the game’s pixel art.

Join with your friends in co-op mode to defeat the thugs who terrorize Toko City. The controls are simple and one-touch only. Watch out for the spectacular bosses along the way as you fight over the waves of enemies.

As you continue to play the game, you will be able to unlock new fighters with combat styles and special power-ups.

However, the game has microtransaction issues. If you are serious about defeating this game, you may need to spend extra money in the game.

price: Free (starting from $ 1.99 for in-app purchases)


3. Three! – The best puzzle game

Threes one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

Wouldn’t you like a game where you can always use the gray cells without the additional effort required to play the game with both hands? Three! It is a puzzle game that makes you think while thinking about solutions at your own pace.

The purpose is simple. To create the largest possible number, you need to merge the previous numbers. However, you need to be careful about which numbers you want to merge and develop a strategy. If you make a mistake, you will quickly be hindered.

Don’t worry if you find yourself bored looking at the numbers all the time. The music in the game is great, and the numbers have some quirky features and personalization that make them even more appealing.

Unfortunately, recent updates include microtransactions that have driven players away for many years. If you still want to try this game, don’t be disappointed.

price: $ 5.99


4. Crossy Road – The best game for kids

Crossy Road one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

The developers of Crossy Road may have answered the question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” It’s literally too. They even made a game about it.

Thankfully, the game is an absolute pleasure to play. As a children’s game, this game not only distracts children with cute aesthetics, but also improves hand-eye coordination.

Of course, the purpose is to help the chickens cross the road. However, chickens have to deal with multiple obstacles. As you progress, you can unlock different characters with unique perks.

This game is an endless runner, so the main goal is to get the highest possible score. It’s fun, attractive and addictive. However, there is nothing more in the game. If you are a player who likes challenges and twists, you can’t find much variety.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


5. Temple Run 2 – Endless Running, Endless Content

Temple Run 2 One-handed game for iPhone and iPad

The first Temple Run games were one of the most entertaining and popular games that graced mobile games. Temple Run 2 is a major improvement over its predecessor and remains strong nine years after its release.

The game has been updated to include new characters, visuals, environments, and other gameplay elements. However, the core gameplay remains the same. You need to twist, turn, jump, and slide the dangerous environment as long as possible.

This game challenges your reflexes, and the best part is that all movements can be performed with your thumb. What’s more, the character runs faster as you progress, and challenges and obstacles become more dangerous.

The introduction of the Temple Run franchise into today’s game scene means that the game also contains a lot of paid unlock content. If microtransactions are your pet animal, I wouldn’t recommend this game.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


6. King Rabbit: Puzzle-The best retro style game

King Rabbit One-Handed Game for iOS

Puzzle games are often monotonous and there are many derivative options online. Fortunately, King Rabbit breaks the monotony with its level design and massive content.

The aesthetics of the game will be the first to catch your eye. Designed with the aesthetics of old retro games in mind. Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and in this case the tool is being used successfully.

There are various puzzles in the game, all of which require a unique solution that encourages you to think out of the box. In addition, the gaming community has the freedom to design levels. Therefore, there is no shortage of content.

If you want to try out the main puzzles of the game, there are 150 level campaign modes so you won’t get bored. Best of all, once you’ve mastered the game, you can build a level that your followers can experience.

However, the game user interface is not very friendly. If you choose to play this game, you will have to go through a clunky interface.

price: Free (starting from $ 1.99 for in-app purchases)


7. Little Wings – The best casual game

Tiny Wings one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

Remember Flappy Bird, the viral sensation that broke the internet? Tiny Wings has a similar concept, but was available before Flappy Bird.

Tiny Wings wasn’t very popular at the time, but the fun and difficult gameplay ensures that it’s a casual game suitable if you want to play something for a short time.

The goal is to keep the bird flying across as many objects as possible by tapping the screen. However, if you tap the wrong timing, the bird may hit an object and fall. This may sound boring on paper, but it’s fun when playing games.

You can play as another bird and upgrade your nest as you progress. In addition, levels are procedurally generated to ensure sufficient reproducibility.

My only caveat with this game is that the visuals don’t look impressive. Since the game was released in 2011, its visuals need to be thoroughly reviewed.

price: $ 1.99


8. Pac-Man – the best classic game

PAC-MAN one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

Some games are never out of date. Pac-Man was one of the first games to reach mainstream viewers and has continued to gain a lot of fans over the years.

Even today, Pac-Man’s classic 8-bit aesthetic and family-friendly atmosphere on the iPhone proves how timeless the game is. If you are a longtime fan of the franchise, you don’t need to introduce it.

However, if you’ve never played Pac-Man before, the assumptions are simple. As Pac-Man, you need to eat all the pack dots while avoiding ghost gangs.

As you progress, unlock different levels of designs, skins and power-ups. You can also take advantage of the fun adventure modes and challenges that are updated weekly.

Unfortunately, story mode has bugs and design issues. We hope that developers will fix these issues as soon as possible so that they can enjoy Pac-Man the way it should be.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


9. Super Mario Run – A Journey Down Nostalgia Lane

Run one-handed games for Super Mario iPhone and iPad

I remember playing Mario on the Nintendo 64 as a kid, and the franchise has been with me for the last few years. Now that Mario has entered the mobile gaming scene, you need to try Super Mario Run on your iPhone.

The level design is similar to the old Mario game. However, gameplay has been simplified and stylized for the new generation.

As Mario moves forward, you can tap the screen continuously with one finger. Time taps to perform exciting stunts as Mario tries to collect as many coins as possible.

Apart from the normal world tour mode that rescues Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutch, you can also play Remix 10 (ideal for short play) and Toad Rally against your friends.

However, more work is required to orient the camera in Remix 10 mode. Not only is it sometimes confusing, but it also limits what you see in front of you.

price: Free (starting at $ 9.99 for in-app purchases)


10. Pocket Tanks – The best multiplayer game

Pocket Tanks one-handed game for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Tanks is a minimalist and simple game. If you want a laid-back yet fun multiplayer game, you need to play it.

In the game you can play against AI or other players. Weapons must be selected before the match begins. Each weapon has a certain number of hit points. After using all weapons, the last player with the most hit points is the winner.

As a player, you need to measure the angle, distance, and power that you need to apply to hit the target. This requires some practice, but addictive gameplay makes up for the surge in difficulty.

However, if you have a timer to take shots, online gameplay mode works better.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)



One-handed games on iPhone and iPad don’t offer the latest graphics or gameplay innovations, but all types of gamers have many options.

What do you think about this list? Do you like games like this, or are you a hardcore gamer who prefers to be completely immersed in gameplay and gamepads with both hands? Post your opinion in the comments!

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