The best iPhone MagSafe wallet to buy in 2021

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When Apple first launched the MagSafe-powered iPhone 12 series in 2020, compatible accessories were limited. But now, many brands are announcing some great products, such as the iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe. You can use these to hold a few credit cards and other small essentials.

You must have a card as it magnetically attaches to the back of your iPhone 12 series device, with or without a MagSafe case. So they can be a good alternative to wallet cases. Check out the details and check out the best MagSafe wallets.

  1. Apple
  2. MOFT
  3. Spigen
  4. mousse
  5. Casetify
  6. Spigen smart fold
  7. Vibe side
  8. Super One
  9. AhaStyle
  10. Milody

1. Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe: Editor’s Choice

Apple Mug Safe Wallet

In terms of quality and practicality, there is nothing comparable to the original Apple accessories. Featuring MagSafe, this sophisticated iPhone leather wallet is made from fine European leather for a perfect finish. At the same time, it has a built-in strong magnet for easy attachment to your iPhone.

It’s the ideal size to keep your ID and credit card handy. It can hold up to 3 cards and is shielded to protect your credit card from fraudulent scanners. You can also stack it in a MagSafe case to protect your smartphone and create a unique look.

Strong Points

  • Premium genuine leather
  • Smooth yet spacious
  • 5 color options
  • Compatible with MagSafe cases

price: $ 59.00

Buy from apple

2. MOFT Magnetic Wallet & Stand: Most versatile

MOFT MagSafe iPhone Wallet

Check out this versatile and versatile product that combines an iPhone MagSafe wallet with a nifty stand. Although it is super slim, it can store 3 cards. In addition, you can support it and turn it into a kickstand to use the device hands-free.

Use in portraits, landscapes, and new floating modes for the ultimate in comfortable viewing angle while browsing, videocalling, or playing games. It’s very nifty on the go or at home. This MagSafe wallet from Moft is available in four classic colors: black, brown, blue and gray.

Strong Points

  • Dual purpose
  • Holds up to 3 cards
  • Hide the card
  • Slim and smooth
  • Color options


  • Cards are a little difficult to put in and out

price: $ 12.95

Check out at Amazon

3. Spigen Valentinus Magnetic Wallet Card Holder: Best Value

Spigen Valentinus MagSafe iPhone Wallet

I love Spigen products because of the balance between durability and affordability. So if you don’t want to use your Apple MagSafe wallet, Spigen’s Valentinus is a great option. Made of carefully procured vegan leather, it can hold two cards.

You can easily access the card through an additional access port. At the same time, the slim form factor makes it easy to put your phone in and out of your pocket. Great for a minimalist look and can also be attached to a MagSafe case.

Strong Points

  • slim
  • Durable material
  • Works with MagSafe cases

price: $ 22.99

Check out at Amazon

4. Mous MagSafe Card Wallet: Great for Executive Look

Mous MagSafe iPhone Wallet

What’s unique about Mous is that it revolutionized the magnetic wallet for the iPhone before MagSafe was introduced. Therefore, this premium full grain leather card holder is one of the best alternatives to your MagSafe wallet. It gives you the quality that is part of Apple’s case at a low price.

Thanks to its non-slip design, it holds two cards and stays firmly attached to your iPhone. Of course, it also connects safely and securely to MagSafe compatible cases. In addition, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Strong Points

  • Genuine Leather
  • Non-slip design
  • Full compatibility with MagSade
  • Limited lifetime warranty

price: $ 24.95

Buy from mousse

5. Casetify: Customizable MagSafe wallet

Casetify a copy of your customizable MagSafe wallet

If you want a custom look, check out this magnet wallet. You can choose custom lettering or text. This is very easy to do on the product web page.

In addition, it is printed with eco-friendly inks and is composed of 50% recycled materials. It’s also a fully recyclable package with free shipping worldwide.

In fact, the company focuses on sustainable practices such as rainwater collection and recycling systems. Choose from black, brown and pink colors that make this MagSafe wallet more personalized and earth-friendly than any other product.

Strong Points

  • Personalize
  • Easy to customize
  • Sustainable material
  • Free shipping worldwide

price: $ 40.00

Buy from Casetify

6. Spigen Smart Fold: Multifunctional MagSafe Wallet

Spigen Smart Fold MagSafe Wallet

This iPhone MagSafe wallet is perfect if you want an unobtrusive look. It hides your cards invisible and keeps prying eyes from trying to get them. The tri-fold design turns your wallet into a handy kickstand for displaying your cell phone.

It holds two cards and is easily accessible from a small access port. It’s super slim and lightweight, so your phone isn’t too bulky. I love build quality and secure attachments to iPhone 12 series devices, with or without a MagSafe case.

Strong Points

  • Very safe hold
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy access to the card


  • Not compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

price: $ 39.99

Check out at Amazon

7. Vibeside MagSafe Wallet: Comes with a lifetime warranty

VibesideMagSafe wallet

If you need a MagSafe wallet for four cards, Vibeside is for you. This is because it has double pockets that provide ample space. You can also pack cash there. This is great for bulky wallet replacement.

It’s safe and convenient to use a sturdy magnetic grip and steel plate to protect your credit card. I am especially grateful for the soft and water resistant vegan leather material. Choose from five elegant color options and enjoy a lifetime question-free warranty.

Strong Points

  • Double pocket that can hold up to 4 cards
  • 5 color options
  • Soft vegan leather

price: $ 23.95

Check out at Amazon

8. SUPERONE: Best Budget MagSafe Wallet

SUPERONE mug safe wallet

I’d like an iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe, can’t I spend too much? SUPERONE offers the best genuine leather magnetic card sleeves that can be yours for under $ 20! Made of soft, non-slip premium top grain leather. Available in black or blue color options.

With the official MagSafe magnet, you can easily snap to the back of your iPhone 12. You can also use MagSafe to stack it on top of a transparent, silicone, or leather case to create a custom look.

In addition, the brand offers an 18-month refund or a new exchange policy, so you can rest assured about quality.

Strong Points

  • Genuine Leather
  • Spacious
  • 18 months return or exchange policy

price: $ 17.99

Check out at Amazon

9. AhaStyle: Best Silicone MagSafe Sleeve

ahastyle iphonemagsafe wallet

Another affordable MagSafe wallet made of non-slip silicone material that holds your card in place. At the same time, it’s super slim with a thickness of only 0.28 inches.

Easy access to the card through the small notches on the bottom and back. In addition, it has RFID shielding technology to keep your card safe from unauthorized scanners. Choose from black, blue, gray and pink colors.

Strong Points

  • lightweight
  • Nice color options
  • Super slim

price: $ 17.99

Check out at Amazon

10. Miloddy Leather MagSafe Wallet: The Most Stylish

Miroddi iPhoneMagSafe Wallet

If looking stylish is your priority, I thought this MagSafe wallet was a great choice for any outfit! Four classic color options are available and can also be purchased with the MagSafe Clear Case for iPhone.

In addition, it is made from specially finished synthetic leather that looks and feels good. It features a powerful built-in magnet that allows it to easily snap into place behind your iPhone. It fits a couple of cards and is shielded to keep the cards safe.

Strong Points

  • Stylish appearance
  • Premium material
  • durability
  • Strong magnet

price: $ 19.95

Check out at Amazon

In summary, there are different types of iPhoneMagSafe wallets. But do you need a MagSafe case for your MagSafe wallet? Well, that’s not always the case. Most wallets can be mounted directly on your iPhone 12 series phone or in a MagSafe case.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

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