The best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases for 2021

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Apple’s iPhone 13 line-up includes a powerful new A15 Bionic chip, a redesigned camera setup, and gorgeous new colors. The base model of the iPhone 13 and the high-end 13 Pro are similar 6.1-inch sizes, so we’ve put together a list of the best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases to check out.

After all, if you’re lucky enough to get these devices, you’ll want to keep them safe. Choose your favorite from the case below and remove scratches, scratches, bumps and dust!

  1. Apple
  2. Spigen
  3. Caseology Vault
  4. Mujjo
  5. Temdan

1. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe: Editor’s Choice

Apple MagSafe iPhone 13 Case

Nothing beats the Apple case on the iPhone 13. This beautiful cover is made of specially tanned leather and adds a timeless classic look.

The outside is very soft and has a good grip. It develops a natural patina that looks very beautiful over time. In addition, it fits like a glove and keeps your phone safe from dust, scratches and scratches.

MagSafe makes it easy to charge wirelessly. You can attach a custom accessory such as a MagSafe wallet to personalize the case. Of course, because it’s an Apple product, you can rest assured that the case is thoroughly tested to ensure that your device is protected in the best possible way. Choose from a stunning range of colors!

Strong Points

  • High quality leather
  • Invincible fit
  • Smooth finish
  • Excellent grip
  • Lots of color options

price: $ 59.00

Check it out on Apple’s website: IPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Pro

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid: Low-priced iPhone 13 case

spigen ultra hybrid iphone13 case

This hybrid clear case for one of my favorite brands, the iPhone 13/13 Pro, meets safety and simplicity. Spigen builds this case from a sturdy blend of TPU and polycarbonate to provide robust protection. You don’t have to worry about scratches and shocks while you’re on an adventure in life.

In addition, the transparent design means that you can boast of a beautiful phone without compromising protection. The buttons and notches are designed for precise use, and the raised bezel allows you to safely lift the screen and camera from a flat surface.

You can also get color options around the edges to suit your iPhone.

Strong Points

  • Hybrid protection
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Color options
  • Affordable

price: $ 14.99

Check out at Amazon: IPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Pro

3. Caseology Vault: A sturdy, minimalist case

caseology vault iphone13 pro case

Caseology I love the simple and flexible design of the case. Most rugged cases are fairly bulky, but this provides maximum protection while maintaining a minimal look. It boasts a sandstone-textured body and convenient grips on both sides to help prevent accidental slippage.

In addition, the defensive inner WaveShock pattern ensures shock absorption in the event of a fall. It is certified for military grade protection and is compatible with wireless charging.

Strong Points

  • Minimalist design
  • Sturdy protection
  • Good grip

price: $ 12.99

Check out at Amazon: IPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Pro

4. Mujjo Leather Case: The best leather wallet case

mujjo iphone13 wallet case

A long time ago, I gave up carrying a bulky wallet everywhere. reason? Wallet case! They add such convenience by helping me carry my important card on my cell phone.

The Mujjo leather wallet case for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro is my favorite because it is made of ultra-high quality full grain leather. It fits in a couple of cards and feels incredibly luxurious.

In addition, the buttons are covered with leather to ensure complete protection while maintaining responsiveness. The 1mm raised bezel provides the long-awaited screen protection. It also has a microfiber lining that keeps your iPhone untouched for years.

Choose from three classic finishes: black, tan and blue.

Strong Points

  • Fits 3 cards
  • Slightly raised edge
  • Looks stylish
  • Microfiber lining for added protection

price: $ 49.90

Check out Mujjo: IPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Pro

5. Temdan: The best iPhone 13 waterproof case

temdan iphone13 waterproof case

With the amazing camera on your iPhone 13/13 Pro, you can take your camera on an underwater adventure and take spectacular shots. Therefore, you need a Temdan waterproof case for iPhone 13 or 13 Pro.

It provides up to 6.6ft / 2m water resistance for up to 30 minutes under IP68 certified water. It fits snugly and the built-in screen protector provides a reliable seal while maintaining responsiveness. At the same time, it can withstand a fall from 6.6’/ 2 m, making it ideal for all types of adventures.

Strong Points

  • IP68 certified waterproof
  • Military grade fall prevention
  • Maintain responsiveness
  • Does not compromise call quality
  • Good grip


  • Screen protector easily attracts fingerprints

price: $ 22.99

Check out at Amazon: IPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Pro

This is a summary of the best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases worth checking out. They ensure your device is protected while maintaining your style.

Keep updating this list as you find and test new options. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below. We will be happy to support you.

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