The best free baseball app for iPhone and iPad in 2022

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Baseball is one of the most popular games in the world and has a special place in the minds of North Americans and Japanese. So it’s no wonder that a variety of baseball-based apps are available online. Whether you’re a coach looking to improve your team, an enthusiastic fan who wants to know every part of the statistics, or a casual gamer, you’ll find something intriguing.

This list has the best free baseball apps for iPhone. Take a look at these amazing apps.

  1. MLB
  2. Game changer
  3. MLB Ballpark
  4. MLB Inning 22
  5. Baseball Superstars 2021
  6. pennant
  7. CBS Sports Fantasy
  8. Topps BUNTMLB Card Trader
  9. USA Baseball Mobile Coach

1. MLB – Editor’s Choice

MLB free baseball app for iPhone and iPad

As a baseball fan, you’re not going to find a better app than the officially licensed MLB app.

The app features high quality streaming for MLB broadcasts, including highlights from previous games and footage from older games.

There are also two subscription models, both covering live MLB games from spring training to World Series matches. Split view and picture-in-picture streaming have many other benefits.

You can also follow your favorite teams with exclusive scoops, news and statistics related to team performance. In addition, badges and icons will be provided to customize your mobile screen. In essence, this is a one-stop shop for everything in baseball.

You can also run this app on your Apple Watch and Apple TV. However, many users have reported audio issues after a recent update. Hopefully this will be fixed in a major update.

price: Free (starting from $ 2.99 for in-app purchases)


2. GameChanger – Great for scorekeeping

GameChanger free baseball app for iPhone and iPad

Most apps provide scorekeeping and other basic data, but few provide as much as GameChanger.

Whether you’re part of a sports team or just a lover of every aspect of the game, GameChanger is the app for you. There are over 150 different statistics including batter and pitcher spray charts.

Detailed statistics are provided to all players on the team to analyze weaknesses and improve the game. In addition, if you can’t join the game, Game Changer offers live radio and animation features.

You can also send messages to your baseball team to update your roster, or schedule meetings to improve team cohesion and gameplay.

However, the app has some bugs. Users have reported that they can’t send messages or attach items to notes. Therefore, you need to be careful when using the app.

price: Free (starting at $ 4.99 for in-app purchases)


3. MLB Ballpark – Great for booking tickets online

MLB Ballpark Free Baseball App for iPhone and iPad

Today, almost everything is moving to online platforms. This also applies to ticket bookings. You don’t have to wait hours to get the best seat for your game. With MLB Ballpark, you can book directly from the comfort of your home.

Apart from the basic features that help you book tickets for your favorite games, the app also offers exclusive rewards and the ability to check in from the mobile app.

Are you hungry during the match? The app also covers this. You can see all the food and beverage facilities available in the game via an interactive map and take you to the nearest food kiosk. Basically, this app is an important part of the game viewing experience and covers almost everything you need for your game.

According to some users, the latest update has made the app glitch. We encourage you to wait until it’s fixed or try the app. Also, this app is not available on iPad.

price: free


4. MLB Inning 22 – The Best Baseball Mobile Game

MLB 9 Innings 22 Free Baseball App for iPhone and iPad

In sports games, it is often difficult to properly emulate the look, feel, and tension. However, this is not the case with MLB Inning 22.

The game is officially licensed by MLB. This means getting a full-fledged team, kit, and stadium to experience the true glory of MLB.

The UI has been revamped and you can enjoy over 2,000 official MLB players with accurate 3D renditions. In addition, there are over 600 unique forms for both batter and pitch. With this variety of gameplay, you can personalize your tactics and playing style based on your tastes.

Games with Rank Match have online components that you can play online with players from different parts of the world. As you progress, you unlock exclusive rewards.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a difficulty setting. This can lead to random spikes in difficulty.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


5. Baseball Superstars 2021 – The best baseball game for kids

Baseball Superstar 2021 Free Baseball App for iOS Devices

Officially licensed games such as MLB Inning 22 can be daunting for children. If your child loves baseball and video games, you can introduce them to baseball superstar 2021 for an easier transition.

The aesthetics of the game is inspired by the anime and manga that are popular in Japan. There are also a few RPG mechanics to make your game more personalized.

Play 45 games a year to get the best players and compete for the top of the league. PvP mode has been entered, allowing players from different parts of the world to play against each other to win trophies.

However, the manager modes available in the game are a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, this is a great game for kids.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


6. Pennants – the best app for baseball statistics

Free pennant baseball app for iPhone and iPad

Many apps claim to display team statistics in as much detail as possible. But I don’t think any of them will approach the efficiency of pennants.

You can also check your team’s statistics and compare them to your opponent’s win / loss record in a visual bar chart style.

Separately, there is a MyPennant view where you can select the statistics you want to compare. Choose from different content blocks that belong to different departments, teams, and even years. Few apps can provide this level of comprehensive data.

Recent users have reported an overwhelming shortage of widgets for future games, and I agree. The app is great, but you can use these additional features.

price: Free (starting from $ 1.99 for in-app purchases)


7. CBS Sports Fantasy – The best fantasy baseball app

CBS Sports Fantasy Free Baseball App for iPhone and iPad

Fantasy sports have become a major industry in the last few years. Not only is it highly addictive, but you also have the chance to earn rewards at the end of certain play periods.

In the baseball section of CBS Sports Fantasy, you can create a lineup by choosing the best players from the pool of available players and limited resources. Organize teams according to shape and talent. The purpose of fantasy baseball is to get the highest score at the end of the season.

All players are free to use statistics and forecasts to determine who deserves to join the fantasy baseball dream team. Play against your friends to become a fantasy baseball master and win exciting prizes.

However, the app’s user interface isn’t user-friendly at all. I think we need to completely rethink the interface to make it more intuitive.

price: Free (starting from $ 149.99 for in-app purchases)


8. Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader – The Best Baseball Card Trading Game

Topps® BUNT® MLB Card Trader Free Baseball iOS App

Card trading is a very different way to approach sports games. You may be skeptical of this, but Topps card trading games for MLB are a powerful entry into the franchise.

There are daily missions you need to complete for some amazing rewards. New cards with various statistics and boosts are added daily to help you successfully strategize and implement your game plan.

You can also combine cards or make them unusual and exchange them at an affordable price in the online market. The card trading market is available to players around the world, which offers great freedom to trade and collect the rarest MLB cards.

Unfortunately, like most other freemium games, this game has a lot of locked content behind paywalls. Nevertheless, this is worth a try.

price: Free (starting from $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


9. USA Baseball Mobile Coach – Great for coaches

USA Baseball Mobile Coach Free Baseball App for iPhone and iPad

Incorporating technology into sports has completely changed the way most coaches work, regardless of sport. Even in baseball, statistics and forecasts are an important part of lineup selection and player improvement.

If you want to implement this in your coaching method, it’s worth checking out USA Baseball Mobile Coach. This app provides hundreds of drills depending on each player’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Exercise plans can be created using a combination of drills. You can also use the practice plan provided by the expert panel. This app is also great for pitchers, as coaches can track the pitch counts of different players of different age groups.

The only caveat with this app is that you can’t share the drill with your assistant coach, the player’s parents, or even the player himself.

price: free


Looking for a home run?

What did you think of this list featuring the best baseball apps for the iPhone? Whether it’s a coaching app or a game, I’ve tried to include many categories and favorite apps.

Any ideas you would like to share about improving your game or these apps? Or is there a favorite baseball app I haven’t listed here? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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