The best digital signature app for iPhone and iPad in 2021

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Our lives are no longer limited to our cities, states, or countries. This is great for business, but the paperwork can be very tedious. But thanks to some great digital signature apps, you can manage everything right from your iPhone. Whether it is an approval slip, proposal, contract, or agreement.

However, if all you need is a digital signature, apps such as Microsoft Word and Photoshop can handle it. So why should you especially choose a digital signature app?

There are several reasons behind it. Before introducing the app, let’s help you understand the role of the app in our personal and professional life.

Why do you need a digital signature app?

Digital signature is the input or drawing of a name / initials in a document. You can easily sign a document on your iPhone using the built-in markup tools, but it’s usually not considered legally binding.

Sufficient for domestic affairs, but commerce needs something stronger and safer. Digital signature apps offer more than just signatures.

  • Encrypt the document – These apps use encryption to protect your documents from prying eyes and keep details only between the sender and the recipient.
  • Digital trail – Helps manage the audit trail while maintaining the authenticity of the document, from the source of the document to the final signature.
  • Legal interests – The most reliable digital signature solutions boast US or EU government compliance. Therefore, in the event of a proceeding, there is a suitable document.
  • Push Notification – Probably my favorite feature. Real-time notifications keep you up to date.

5 best digital signature apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. DocuSign
  2. Adobe Sign
  3. PandaDoc
  4. signNow
  5. SignEasy

1. DocuSign: Document Upload and Signing-Editor’s Choice

DocuSign digital signature app for iPhone

DocuSign is one of the most popular digital signature apps, and for good reason. First, you can sign and share your documents from anywhere, from any device.

exactly! You can sign documents from your iPhone, iPad, web browser, or Android device. Plus, you can share all your documents with anyone via email, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

In addition, features such as reminders and real-time push notifications make it easy to manage your contracts on the go. Don’t worry if you have multiple signers. Just drop the tag and DocuSign will do it all.

And most importantly, all documents are encrypted to maintain a complete audit trail. In other words, you can see who signed when and where.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Documents are organized by status
  • You can see all signature logs
  • Self-signed is free
  • ISO 27001 SSAE16 compliant


  • Somewhat expensive plan
  • Mass mail contracts are not so smooth

price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 9.99)


2. Adobe Sign – Overall Best Document Signing App

Adobe Sign Digital Signature iPhone App

Adobe Sign integrates the best PDF readers / writers with document signing apps. You can scan the document, import it into a cloud service, edit it, enter it, and send it for signature. All of this can be done via the mobile app or the web.


The app has a wide range of integrations from Microsoft 365 to Google Drive and PayPal to Braintree. Adobe complies with digital signature laws and strict security standards around the world and offers legally binding digital signature solutions.

It also provides signers and signers with audit trails, tamper-proof seals, identity verification, signer geolocation options, and more to ensure secure transactions.

It seems to be free on the App Store, but you need a subscription to Adobe Sign, Adobe PDF Pack, Adobe Acrobat DC, or Adobe Creative Cloud Complete to use its features.


  • Edit documents on the go
  • Safe and hassle-free
  • Integrate with multiple apps


  • Requires active subscription for Adobe products
  • Expensive if not used often

price: Free (Acrobat PDF pack with electronic signature subscription starts at $ 9.99 / month)


3. PandaDoc – The best free digital signature app

PandaDoc digital signature app for iPhone

PandaDoc, like Adobe, provides an overall document workflow approach. Therefore, you can create, edit, and complete contracts, suggestions, quotes, and more, as well as digital signatures.

Not only that, PandaDoc also integrates with various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and Square, enabling seamless payment transactions within the app itself.

The best part is that the free version enables unlimited legally binding signing, activity tracking, and payment support. However, features such as audit trails, templates, and drag-and-drop editors are limited to expensive premium plans.


  • Free version of unlimited digital signatures
  • Make payment easily
  • Legal encryption and security


  • Complex UI
  • Super expensive plan

price: Free ($ 69.99 personal plan)


4. signNow – the best app for small teams

signNow Electronic signature app for iPhone

signNow is a cost-effective and comprehensive digital signature solution with a focus on productivity and teamwork. It also serves as a PDF maker, converter, editor, form filler, etc.

In addition, you can create teams and jointly manage documents, custom templates, and of course signatures. A cloud-based system gives you access to your documents anytime, anywhere, on the go.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with US Legal, you can access thousands of legal forms and packages within the app to further simplify your business and legal workflow.

Another important feature is the easy-to-understand and powerful API that helps you embed digital signatures in websites, forms, apps, etc. without writing complex code.


  • Great team features
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Powerful API
  • Competitive pricing system


  • Built-in templates are not very flexible
  • Customer support is not that great

price: Free (starting at $ 2.99 for in-app purchases)


5. SignEasy – The best digital signature app for beginners

SignEasy Digital Signature App for iPhone

SignEasy provides a minimal user interface that allows someone to use it seamlessly even if they are new to the technology. It works in any document format, from PDF to PNG, on all devices.

In addition, SignEasy can handle everything, whether self-signed, remote-signed, or face-to-face. We use industry-standard SSL encryption for each document to ensure privacy and security.

In addition, the truly global software supports 24 languages, integrates cloud storage, and provides a detailed digital audit trail with signer’s email address, device IP, and more.


  • Minimal interface
  • Reusable template
  • Accessibility between devices


  • Freemium version limited features
  • Missing workflow management tools

price: Free (subscription starts at $ 5.99)


6. HelloSign – The best web-based document signing solution

HelloSign Online Document Signing Tool for iPhone

HelloSign doesn’t have a mobile app, but it boasts a great web version suitable for the iPhone and a powerful API to complement it. But that is not its psychic power.

HelloSign boasts a very user-friendly, highly customizable and powerful workflow tool. An ideal digital signature solution for major brands, HelloSign also enables custom branding and integration with apps such as HubSpot, Slack and Eventbrite.

The free version allows you to sign documents. You can request trails to explore advanced features and see which plan is best for you.


  • Personalized signature request
  • Non-editable audit trail
  • Save the template for quick access


  • Quite expensive
  • No mobile app

price: Free (subscription starts at $ 5.99)

Check with Hello Sign

7. RightSignature – The best digital signature website for businesses

Right Signature Online Document Signing Tool for iPhone

Citrix’s Right Signature claims to be the fastest way to get a digital signature. And in fact, documents are sent and received faster than other software.

It’s fast, but I like the ability to customize the workflow to T. You can also assign documents to multiple signers and determine the order of signatures. Here are some tips for dealing with corporate hierarchies.

Most importantly, RightSignature protects all documents with 256-bit encryption, full audit logs, and biometric data capture.


  • Speedy performance
  • Supports several suites and APIs
  • 256-bit encryption


  • Unable to clone template
  • Difficult to edit when saving changes

price: Free (subscription starts at $ 12)

Check with Right Signature

So this was my list of some great digital signature apps for iPhone and iPad. Thanks to them, you can manage it directly from your iPhone. Which app do you use to sign the document? Please share in the comments below.

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