The best collage creation app for iPhone and iPad in 2021

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Collage creation is popular with all age groups, including 7 years old preparing for school assignments, 17 years old showing future goals, and 70 years old traveling on a memorable path. On top of that, it makes great gifts and social media posts.

The iPhone doesn’t have that feature yet, but these collage-creating apps can help you build awe-inspiring art with your precious photos.

So don’t waste a little more time and explore some of the best collage creation apps for iPhone and iPad.

  1. Photo collage
  2. Picsart Photo & Video Editor
  3. Canva
  4. PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker
  5. Collage possible
  6. piZap
  7. Development: Story & Collage Maker
  8. Photo collage maker PicJointer

1. PicCollage – Editor’s Choice

PicCollage The best collage creation app for iPhone

PicCollage is seasoned with features that benefit beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. It boasts a variety of pre-made grids and templates for quick creation of collages, social media posts, cards, posters, wallpapers and more.

In addition, if you want to create your artwork from scratch, we also provide an empty canvas. With lots of useful tools such as stickers, fonts, backgrounds, scribbles, GIFs, images and more, you are completely free to express yourself.

In addition, the intelligent cutout feature helps you trace the shape and remove the background from the image. There are only 6 options, but you can also animate the collage.

I love and recommend PicCollage because it’s so easy to use, packed with lots of features and free content.

Strong Points

  • A wide variety of grids, ratios, and other free content
  • Cutout and animation features
  • Fun stickers that can also be used with iMessage


  • Watermarks cannot be removed in the free version
  • Some packs will be paid even after VIP subscription

price: Free (starting at $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


2. Picsart Photo & Video Editor – Host of advanced editing features

Picsart's best iPhone collage creation app

Picsart is a trendy photo filter and effects app that brings all its strengths to collage creation. Familiar with a variety of pre-made grids, frames, scrapbooks and artistic templates.

What’s great is that you can select and edit individual images and apply different tools and effects to the entire collage as one. Change perspective, expand, disperse, or duplicate areas, crop people and objects, and manage hue and saturation.

In addition, you can add filters, text, stickers, brushes, masks, lens flares, callouts, scribbles and more. In short, you have some professional level tools to make your collage a work of art.

And that’s not all. Picsart boasts great replay capabilities as well as a great community. You can see the art created by different users, get inspiration, and apply (play) styles to your artwork.

Strong Points

  • Professional-level editing tools
  • Community and replay features
  • Trendy effects and filters


  • There is almost no free effect
  • Relatively expensive subscription

price: Free (PicsArt Gold is $ 4.66 / month)


3. Canva – The best free collage to make iPhone apps

Canva Best Free Collage Creation iPhone App

Canva is one of the most popular and easy-to-use graphic design apps. It’s useful for everyone, whether it’s a professional artist, a social media influencer, a small business owner, or a student.

The USP is a pre-made, stylish and eye-pleasing template that covers everything from photo collages, posters to social media posts. And boys, let’s say the app goes out of the box, or a grid with its unique template for collages.

But what I love is ease of use. From replacing images to adding filters and effects, you can do it all with just a few taps. In addition, the app boasts an ever-expanding element gallery full of stickers, charts, graphics, frames, photos, audio and more.

You can also choose to animate the collage into a GIF, add music to create a video, or save it as a JPG, PNG, PDF, and more. You can also interact with Canva from your browser or artwork. Synchronized between devices.

Strong Points

  • Great template for photo collage
  • Super easy to use
  • Animation collage
  • Play with lots of free content


  • Pro version is quite expensive
  • Minimal animation options

price: Free (starting at $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


4. PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker – All-in-one Collage Maker

PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker for iPhone

PhotoGrid boasts over 20,000 pre-built templates and grids. You can also create collages of various sizes, from Instagram posts, stories, reels, Twitter headers, Facebook profile covers to Apple Watch faces.

What I especially enjoy is the well-defined and organized UI. For example, the layout is neatly divided according to the number of photos, so you can easily and quickly find the right match.

And thanks to built-in tools such as retouch, focus, mosaic, watermark, filter and effects, photo editing is easy. In addition, you are free to use various stickers, fonts, backgrounds, scribbles and more.

The top cherry is the ability to create videos, filmstrips, posters, memes, slideshows, patterns, and even 3D cards.

Strong Points

  • A complete tool for social media images
  • Rich options for layout and elements
  • Easy-to-use UI


  • Watermarks cannot be removed in the free version

price: Free (starting at $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


5. Collage possible – boasts great templates and grids

The best collage creation app for iPhone

Collageable is a dedicated collage creation app with over 1000 layouts, templates, effects and tools. And I have to say, the choice ruins you. The pages on the Grid Options page are an exhilarating and confusing equivalent.

What’s more, a series of pre-made templates inspired by pop art, VHS, seasons, neon lights, watercolors and more adds to the confusion. And there’s a beauty mode with the tools you need to retouch shots.

However, the app doesn’t have basic editing tools such as color adjustment, cropping, and undo. Oh yeah! You can discard all changes or save the photo. There is no compromise there.

In addition, for some reason, the collage and template sections do not support beauty mode or body mode. Therefore, you may need to beautify the images individually and then add them to the grid, which can be frustrating at times.

Strong Points

  • Over 300 collage layouts
  • Over 100 original frames
  • Over 400 cool stickers
  • Combine up to 25 photos


  • Some editing tools are missing
  • Beauty mode does not work for the entire app
  • Expensive premium subscription

price: Free (In-app purchases start at $ 3.99)


6. piZap – The best collage creation app for kids and beginners

PiZap's best collage creation app for kids and beginners

At first glance, piZap is similar to Canva and includes a web-based interface. However, there are some great tricks to note, especially for beginners and newcomers.

First, the collage template covers many simple shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, hearts and stars. In addition, the grid is studded on several occasions, from birthdays, Christmas, New Year to St. Patrick’s Day.

Then you can edit your photos to your liking, from saturation and temperature controls to filters, background erasers, textures, lights fx, beauty enhancement tools and more. Surprisingly, it also has a layer system so you can manage multiple images smoothly.

But what I like the most is the meme gallery! In addition to the usual library of stickers, fonts, backgrounds, etc., piZap smartly incorporates trending memes and GIFs. Like all other sections of the app, the freemium version has very few options accessible.

Strong Points

  • Intuitive UI that is kind to children
  • Templates designed by thousands of professionals
  • Ready-made social media templates


  • Limited free templates and filters
  • No ready-to-use template

price: Free (starting at $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


Deployment: Story & Collage Maker for iPhone

If you are looking for something to ace your Instagram game, this may be an app. This is a great IG photo editor and feed planner that happens to contain great beautiful collage templates.

In addition, Unfold boasts an array of exciting graphics, stamps, background textures and even alphabet blocks. It also has all the usual photo editing tools and a small but effective lineup of filters and effects.

You can also upload brand kits: colors, logos, carefully selected fonts and stickers. This keeps all the collages, stories, and posts you create in sync with your brand’s identity.

Besides that, the app also allows you to visually plan your Instagram feed and create a Bio site for links within bio. However, there is only one problem. Almost all templates, effects and elements are locked for premium users.

Strong Points

  • Artistic and eye-catching templates
  • You can upload custom fonts, stickers, etc.
  • Instagram complete solution


  • Few freemium stuff
  • Supports only Instagram size, not other ratios

price: Free (starting at $ 0.99 for in-app purchases)


8. Photo Collage Maker PicJointer

PicJointer Photo Collage Maker

Whether you combine photos horizontally or vertically, PicJointer combines classic and stylized templates to place on your table. Besides, it houses some crazy and funky stickers and fonts.

I love the slide UI designed for editing aspect ratios, margins, corner radii, and shape shadows. You can also use the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook icons on the slider to suggest size.

The background options are also pretty decent. With the exception of a few editing tools, I think PicJointer has almost everything you need to create fun collages from your iPhone.

However, nothing is provided in the freemium version. You can only look at the layout lines and worship them. Premium is a must for the next step.

Strong Points

  • Classic and funky templates
  • Hundreds of stickers and fonts
  • Simple and fun UI


  • Limited photo editing tools
  • Expensive

price: Free, Pic Jointer Premium – $ 2.99 / week


They say the picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the power of a well-made photo collage. Well, these are some of the best collage creation apps for iPhone and iPad that I have found and loved sincerely. Share your favorites with us in the comments section below.

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