The best card holder case for the 2022 iPhone 11 Pro

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I’m not good at bringing a wallet when I have a meeting in full dress, but when I’m wearing jeans, the wallet is okay. Of course, regardless of your outfit, you’ll need to carry your wallet with you as it contains valuable credit cards and cash. I thought I could never find a solution to this problem, but I spent my day thanks to the case of compatible cardholders. ..

Now you can easily carry your cards, cash, and a few business cards with your iPhone with these card holder cases. So for those who don’t want to carry a wallet or cash in their pockets, we’ve reviewed some of the best cardholder cases for the iPhone 11 Pro.

  1. Steni
  2. Flyhawk
  3. Rough
  4. wise
  5. Kiffway
  6. Vaburs
  7. Summon Pou
  8. Eloven

1. Steni Card Holder Case-Editor’s Choice

SUTENI iPhone11 card holder case

The Steni case is slim and lightweight, so it looks elegant. Of course, it has a card slot that can hold one card, but due to its flexibility, it can hold up to 3-4 cards depending on how you use it. Even if the card is stored on the back, it is a case that does not interfere with the operation of the iPhone, and it is also excellent in grip.

Cushion buffers are provided at all four corners to protect your iPhone from drops and shocks. It is designed not only as a leather case but also as a bumper case. In short, it’s an all-in-one case that every iPhone user wants you to get! is not it!

Made of high quality leather material and soft TPU, it represents the ruggedness of this case. The Steni case is available in blue, brown, gray and red color variations. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

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2. Flyhawk – Slim PU Leather Back

Fly Hawk iPhone11 Pro Card Holder Case

The design may look a bit strange, but it’s a handy case if you need a card holder for the iPhone 11 Pro with full protection. You can save up to two cards at a time. Sorry, there are no slots to store cash. Still, if you want, you can carry one card and use the empty slots to carry cash.

If you want to get the most out of this case, FlyHawk recommends using only one card slot. The case is easy to use, slim and fits easily on your iPhone. Its softness protects your smartphone from drops, collisions and shocks. Raised lips near the edge of the screen and the rear camera provide 360-degree protection overall.

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3. Arae Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro – with Backflip

Arae case with card holder for iPhone 11 Pro

The rose gold color sets the tone of the girls and women who are there. I like pink, so I decided to prepare one card holder as well. Made of durable TPU soft material, it not only protects your iPhone, but also gives you a soft feel when you hold it in your hand.

Arae’s strength is to provide a unique design, and this case has a flip cover, which is on the front and back. Yes, that’s right. The flip case is on the back of the case and has three card slots and a slot for storing cash. When you have your precious things in your wallet, the two magnetic buckles ensure that everything is safe.

Available in rose gold, blue, black and wine red. The case comes with a lifetime warranty and can be replaced at any time if there is a quality problem.

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4. Smartish – compatible with wireless charging

Smart card holder case for iPhone 11 Pro

Clever, well, the name itself suggests that the case is clever, and to be honest, it really is. You can also store up to 3 cards and some cash. In addition, this same card slot can also be used as a kickstand. That is, if you don’t have a card, you don’t have a kickstand.

With a high-grip texture, you can get a comfortable grip when you hold your iPhone with this case. The air corner protects your smartphone from sudden shocks, accidental collisions and shocks. Compatible with wireless charging, you can’t ask this case maker any more.

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5.Kihuwey Premium Leather Case-5 Card Slots

Kihuwey iPhone11 Pro case with card holder

Just like the clever, this Kihuwey case also turns your credit card into a kickstand. With 5 card slots, you can store not only credit cards, but also driver’s licenses, other IDs and cash. In short, this is a complete wallet case called a card holder.

High quality PU leather makes it feel soft, while the magnetic buckle closes the wallet and keeps everything stored there safe. Its raised edges protect the screen from scratches and prevent direct contact with uneven surfaces.

Considering the leather case, the sturdy corners also provide better protection. Available in black, brown and rose gold.

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6. Vaburs – Backflip cover with kickstand

Vaburs case with card holder for iPhone 11 Pro

The butterfly-themed case is perfect for women and girls. This case also has a backflip cover, just like I saw in Arae, but the only difference I can see is the design. It has 3 card slots along with a pocket that can store your valuable cash as well.

The backflip cover can be easily used as a kickstand. In addition, the backflip has a magnetic buckle, so you can safely store your card or cash in a closed case. Full-frame buffer corners protect your iPhone from collisions, drops, shocks, shocks, and fumbles.

Vaburs cases are available in green, purple and rose gold. Because of its design, I’m sure most girls will go with rose gold color variations. I agree.

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7. Samonpow – 360 degree protection

Samonpow Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

This is the only case on the list today, it’s made of a hard PC and looks like gunmetal at a distance. The classic look with the enclosed card holder immediately caught my attention! Therefore, if you are looking for complete protection of your card and cash, Samonpow is the best choice.

The combination of TPU and hard PC material provides 360 degree protection no matter what. The corners, screen and camera are also well protected. it’s not. This is because you can keep your iPhone 11 Pro away from scratches and fingerprints. Available in purple, gunmetal, navy blue and rose gold.

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8. Eloven – Completed enclosed card holder

Eloven iPhone11 Pro case with card holder

This is the best example of what a cardholder needs to look like. No one sitting beside you can guess that your iPhone 11 Pro has a card on the back, that’s the beauty of this case! I think this is the last case in today’s lineup, but it’s one of the finest of all, and I personally loved it.

The compact fit and hybrid armor protect the device from the external environment, and the enclosed card holder also protects the card and cash. Precise cutouts and design provide easy access to all ports and buttons without interruption.

The Eloven case has a small button on the back that you can press to store at least two or more cards. Available in purple, black, gun color and rose color. The case also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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So, man and woman, this is the end of today.

The last word…

If you were to look at the ratings on Amazon to find the cardholder, you would have preferred Maxboost because of the all-in-one case feature. But if you want to explore something new, choose the Eleven case that comes with the enclosed card holder. So which one would you buy for the iPhone 11 Pro? Let us know in the comments section now.

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