Tesla Model 3 Discovered Again in India

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After being discovered in Pune a few months ago, two Tesla Model 3 cars have reappeared on Indian roads. The electric vehicle, believed to have been found in a parking lot on the Mumbai-Pune highway, was camouflaged for early testing prior to its launch in India.

Tesla Model 3 Discovered Again in India

The spotted Tesla Model 3 cars have license plates MH 14 TCL 226 and MH 14 TCL 337, respectively. Looking at the Model 3 image, it looks like one of the units is a little higher than the other. Probably, but Not conclusive evidence that Tesla will improve ground clearance for cars on Indian roads..

Given the fact that Tesla does not have a manufacturing plant in India, the price of the Tesla Model 3 will definitely be expensive. But the government is trying to seduce automakers by promising lower production costs than China. In addition, recent reports indicate that the country could reduce import tariffs on electric vehicles by up to 40% to attract foreign manufacturers.

Rumor has it that the Tesla Model 3 will enter India by the second half of 2021. The estimated starting price for the Tesla Model 3 is rumored to be around Rupees. 600,000 rupees, Includes customs duties. Prices are likely to fall as the government lowers import tariffs. And that’s what we have to wait and find.

Tesla’s long-awaited entry into India is at a time when the motorcycle EV market is also accelerating. In addition to Ather Energy, new players have entered this segment, such as Simple Energy and Ola Electric with S1 and S1 Pro. Its appearance has the potential to shape the landscape of Indian EVs in the coming years.