Telegram now supports group calls, screen sharing, etc. for up to 1000 viewers

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Telegram has enhanced the video capabilities of its secure messaging app with the latest update. With this update, you can invite up to 1000 viewers to group video calls, send and receive high-quality video messages, and adjust video playback speed controls.

Group video calls with 1000 viewers on Telegram

When Telegram launched a group video call earlier this year, the capacity was limited to 30 users. The video broadcast limit is still limited to 30 users, but a total of 1000 people can participate in Video Hangouts as viewers.That essentially means what you can have 30 participants and 970 spectators on video calls.. Organizing Netflix watch parties and your favorite streaming apps seems like a good feature.

Another useful change is controlling the playback speed of Telegram videos. From now on, Watch videos at 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x speed.. If you are using Android, you can also watch videos 0.2 times faster. Tap the three dot menus and[再生速度]You can select to adjust the speed of the video.

In addition, Telegram Screen sharing for one-on-one calls.. The best place? Contains sound from the device.To share the screen, press the camera button and as a video source[電話画面]Choose. The GIF attached below will help you understand how this feature works.

To protect your privacy, this Telegram update introduces a new option to automatically delete messages in a month, in addition to the existing daily and weekly options. Tap the three vertical dot menus and[履歴のクリア]You can select to set the period.

Other changes to the update include improved video message resolution, improved timestamp links, and improved media editor. Telegram has also added new passcode animations on Android, new password recovery and reminder prompts, and new message sending animations. You can see the entire update change log from the Telegram blog post.