Taco Bell and Microsoft offer the Xbox Series S in India. way to participate!

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Taco Bell has partnered with Microsoft to present an Xbox Series S, PC Game Pass in India. Click here for details!

Tacobel, a popular multinational restaurant chain, has recently partnered with Microsoft to announce a new contest to present the Xbox Series S console and Microsoft PC Game Pass to lucky winners in India. Customers simply order food from Taco Bell to enter the contest and have the chance to win the Xbox Series S every week starting today. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Taco Bell and Microsoft India Announce Xbox Series S Present

Taco Bell recently visited Twitter to announce the #BeOneWithTheGame campaign.Fast food chain Partnered with Microsoft in a contest to acquire Indian cricket player Haldik Pandia, a popular marketing campaign.. Check out Taco Bell’s tweets, including a quirky video of Pandia playing various game avatars, attached just below.

“We are pleased to partner with Microsoft Xbox in the second year to give our customers the opportunity to win the best consoles in the world.” Gauraf Berman, director of the Taco Bell master franchise in India, said in a statement. “The combination of Taco Bell’s meal and the game on Microsoft Xbox is a marriage in heaven. We are fortunate to welcome the already legendary Hardik Pandya as an ambassador to spread the message.” He added further.

To participate in the contest Indian customers need to order Provide your mobile number via Taco Bell’s official website or app, or any food aggregator platform. You can also visit a nearby Taco Bell store to order your registration.

Once registered, the customer will stand Chance to win an Xbox Series S with a 12-month GamePass Ultimate Or a PC game pass with Cricket ’22. The company presents 17 Xbox Series S consoles to winners each week. Besides that, the lucky 200 winners have a chance to win a PC Game Pass featuring Cricket ’22 titles every week. Customers can increase their chances of earning benefits by ordering the next day each week.

The contest will be live from From April 4th to May 1st todayWhen Winners will be announced by Taco Bell every Thursday on social platforms, apps and websites. The official terms and conditions of the contest can be found on the company website. Are you ready to order your favorite tacos and win the Xbox Series S?