Successful drug drone delivery test in Bangalore

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Throttle Aerospace Systems and Udaan, the B2Be commerce platform, have collaborated to complete the first commissioning of drug drone delivery in Bangalore. The Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) test run was conducted under the supervision of the Director of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Drone delivery of medicines in Bangalore

According to the report of Economic Times, The test was conducted within a radius of 15km. Specifically, the test was conducted in Gauribidanur, about 80 km away from the city of Bangalore. Drones should help deliver the last mile of medicine. It may also help supply medicines in remote areas.

During the test, two drones (MedcopterX4 and MedcopterX8) were tested.To test the capabilities of these drones, they Equipped with up to 2 kg of pharmaceutical payload At various distances within 2-7km. After the trial, they found that the drone could cover a distance of 3.5km in 5-7 minutes. According to the report, they also tested the moored descent of the cargo and the landing of the helicopter with the cargo.

“Authority efforts to integrate drones into the supply chain ecosystem are a major step towards creating an efficient last mile delivery framework. Today’s commissioning success is a customer experience in the distribution and logistics space. Opens a great opportunity to revolutionize the market. “ Udaan product engineer Soumyadeep Mukherjee said.

“It is in line with our vision of building technology-enabled solutions that empower small businesses such as Kirana, shopkeepers, chemists and MSMEs based in remote areas of Bharat.” He added.