Street Fighter 6 has been officially announced.This is the official teaser

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Street Fighter 6 announced

Capcom, the Japanese game developer behind titles like Resident Evil, officially announced the following titles under Street Fighter in the Marquis fighting game to commemorate the franchise’s 35th anniversary. The next title, of course, Street Fighter 6 is currently under development and the company has recently shared its teaser. Let’s take a look at the details.

Details of Street Fighter 6 revealed

Recently Capcom I shared a tweet, Contains a link to the Street Fighter 6 Countdown website. The company unveiled the game following the Pro Tour fighting game exhibition.Countdown website Introducing the new Street Fighter 6 logo You can check out attached below along with the teaser video.

In the video, one of the game’s characters, the upgraded Ryu’s muscular body, is the last 45th character added to Street Fighter 5, even though it was teased for the previous sequel. You can see that he is preparing to face a certain Luke.

Remember, Street Fighter 5 was released in February 2016. The title received two major updates throughout its life cycle. The first version received little enthusiasm from the community, but subsequent updates such as Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition were very well received.Well, Capcom Aiming to provide a more realistic experience of rough street fighting To the player.

The company hasn’t said much about Street Fighter 6, and hasn’t announced when it will finally release the title, but Capcom. Confirmed to share more information about it sometime in the summer of 2022.. For now, check out the Countdown website and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates on the title by email.

Along with Street Fighter 6, that too Announcing the Capcom Fighting Collection, A collection of 10 classic games to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise. The Fighting Collection will be released on June 24th and will be available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox One.